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Extraordinary Uses of Toothpaste and other Ordinary Things

WomansDay has a really nifty post about extraordinary uses of 16 ordinary household items. It's just what you need to release your inner MacGyver!

Here are some of the surprising things you can do with ... toothpaste:

1. Remove crayon marks
Squirt a small dab on non-gel toothpaste on the wall where the mark is. Rub gently with a soft cloth, then rinse with warm water. Voilà!

2. Deodorize hands
Can't get garlic or onion odor off your hands? Wash them with a blob of toothpaste.

3. Whiten sneakers
Clean rubber soles by rubbing scuff marks with an old toothbrush and non-gel toothpaste.

4. Buff a DVD
Get rid of light scratches by squeezing a little non-gel toothpaste onto a cotton ball. Wipe over the DVD from the center out to the edge. Rinse with water and dry with a non-abrasive, lint-free cloth - all gone.

5. Defog goggles
Coat the inside of swimming goggles with toothpaste, then wipe off - they'll be crystal clear.

Find out more about what nail polish, dryer sheets, coffee filters, and chalk can do: Link - Thanks Annie Hammel!

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It's also great for polishing jewelry! My girlfriend and I were soaking in a natural hot-spring and we noticed a couple of silver rings I got her turning bronzey. I rubbed some toothpaste on them, and they turned back to silver, even more brilliant than before.
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I love lists like this, but when it comes time to actually use the substance (coffee filter, toothpaste, peanut butter) for the whatever (remove gum from hair, polish jewelry, diffuse light on camera flash), I'm 99% likely to misremember and use the wrong substance for the task.

This can lead to awkward moments, when your spouse asks you "why are you putting peanut butter on that DVD?"

...Not that this has ever happened to me. Um.
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Toothpaste is a mild abrasive. I can attest to the sneaker whitening and jewelry cleaning.

As for crayons, if you have old paint or the wrong type, noting will work well. In fact, I have ruined a wall by trying to use WD-40. Always put glossy paint on the doors and baseboards and eggshell on the walls.
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rubbing your hands on anything stainless steel (a spoon, the sink) will remove garlic odors quicker and less minty
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I use toothpaste to polish the back of my iPod. (I'm too manly to carry around a compact, but an iPod is about the same size and just as shiny.)
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I have used toothpaste many times to get a scratched rental DVD to play, works like a charm everytime. Good to know about using it on white sneakers, I'll try that next.
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Reminds me of the trick my sister-in-law taught us ... if you have caked-on stuff in a dish pan or other cooking piece and dish soap isn't getting it off, then put a dryer sheet in it for a few hours. The stuff just falls off.
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