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Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States of America

Wow, what a day! Unless you've been living under a rock, you all know that Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States. History is made today, as Americans welcome their first African American president.

Did you watch Obama's inauguration? (I watched most of it, then had to leave for an appointment, which I just got back from) What's up with Chief Justice Roberts fumbling of the oath. I <3 Aretha Franklin's awesome hat!

ABC News has a pretty neat coverage: Link (Photo: Elise Amendola/AP)

It was just great in pretty much every way.

Something happened I've waited 8 long years for. And something incredibly impressive happened.

A lot of the faith I'd lost has returned in one fell swoop. Amazing.
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Aretha's hat ruled. Hats need to become fashionable again.

Cody, how about people stop bashing him until he's done something to deserve it? He's taking over a very broken country and will have to make unfavorable decisions to fix it. I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to complain.
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Cody, funny. you were the first one to mention his race here... as you said: "like it should matter anyway"

And you're wrong. he has not made any official acts as president yet, but his transition team has really done a great job getting the ball rolling on Guantanamo, the economy and the environment. You will start seeing the fruits of their labor in just a few days.
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I feel that the USA is finally part of the 21st century. George W. Bush's presidency seemed like a throw-back to the Cold War thinking of the past. Now my faith in the intelligence of voting Americans is fulfilled.
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What an incredible grasp of the obvious! Thanks Neatorama! I didn't know.

$170 million dollars worth of white guilt. What a waste. Now get to work, Barry.
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Cody, it does matter that he's black (or even half-black). From a bio of Nichelle Nichols:

Years later, Whoopi Goldberg told Nichols about excitedly watching Uhura, as a child, and telling her mother "Come quick! Come quick! There's a black lady on TV, and she ain't no maid!"

I agree that it shouldn't matter but it does matter.
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At this point, I'd be greeting the antichrist with open arms if I thought he'd fix the economy.

That being said, I do look forward to seeing what Obama can do with what he's been given. This is truly an historic day, and I'm quite happy with the direction in which America is moving.
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Man... can't we all just take in for what today really is?

Regardless of your political affiliations this is a day for change in America. Obama has the potential to do some great things in this country and for the world. Let's see what happens.
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I've come out as a pretty strong supporter of political posts (especially lefty or Obama posts).

This is not neat. This should not be here.
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Meh. Since when did this site change to "Obviousorama"? Or is it "Obamarama"?

Wait a minute; wasn't Bill Clinton the first black President?
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This is a big step for our country and the world is watching. I am behind our president 100% and hope that he can make the changes we need to make America strong again. Haters to the RIGHT - you had your chance to run the country and look at where we are. Good luck and God bless, Mr. President.
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Don't all Presidents have the potential to do great things with the country? Why all the special treatment for Obama?

Neatorama, stop posting political things. Most of them are not neat, and you yourself have said this is not a political blog.
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Today is the first day that race doesn't matter. And that's neat.

A President's first official action _is_ his inauguration speech. It sets the agenda:
- ask not what your country can do for you
- all we have to fear is fear itself
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I disagree with Barm that "this is not neat." I think, regardless of your political views, whether left or right, having the first African American President is pretty darn neat to me!

I don't really see this as a political post. The post did not say anything about Pres. Obama's political views. It just said he was inaugurated today and that he's the first African American president! I am sure they would have posted something regardless of who the new president was. I think it's just marking the historical day. Regardless of what your political affiliation, it IS a historical day.
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Dr. Jones - Like you, I read this blog. Instead of whining about posts you don't like, perhaps you could manage to have some consideration of those who enjoy the occasional political post crafted at the whim of those who run the site, e.g. not you.

Anyhow, regarding Obama, there are obvious historical milestones being marked. Whether you care about them or not is irrelevant, hundreds of millions of people are celebrating this moment.

I suggest you try ignoring political posts in the future instead of demanding posters censor themselves to satisfy whatever the heck bothers you so much about politics.
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A new president, not neat? Now that's a silly thought. I think getting a new president is always neat, even if I don't think I'll like him or agree with him- which is NOT the case here.

And please, don't bend to this "politics is not neat" crap.
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Brooks Bell, I disagree. Race does matter in this instance. This is the first black person to be president. And the black community is celebrating like it's never celebrated before. It's a good thing.

I hope he lives up to his promise, and doesn't become a disappointment. As far as the people who want to bash the right-wingers at this moment, why bother? Just leave the pettiness behind and enjoy the moment.
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This is not only a political achievement, but a global one– one for mankind. It is being reported upon worldwide and whether you choose to confirm its "neatness" or not is simply personal preference. I don't think one's position in politics should hinder the fascination of such an accomplishment and that denial of it just verifies stubbornness (but that's only my opinion). The reaction to its post here is neat enough for me and kind of goes on to prove its viability. It demonstrates no political bias. It's just news.

Anyway, there are plenty of other posts on this blog I can easily question the neatness of, and when that's the case I don't bother making a scene about it because it's really just not worth it.
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Lord, how you people are going to be disappointed. The reason being is you were promised everything and even if he were Superman - which he is not - he cannot possibly deliver what you all want. Especially since you really haven't a clue what you want except "hope" and "change." Both empty vessels.

That said what is truly historic and remarkable about today is that it once again proves that American democracy is the finest example of a government in the world. The peaceful transition of power is something to be celebrated for sure regardless of who is leaving and who is coming in.

I wish our new president good luck but I won't worship him like his cult-like followers.
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I know it's a big deal to others, and I understand that, but I personally couldn't care less that he's black. Peaceful, even amicable transfer of power between opposing factions is pretty darn neat, though, and astonishingly rare in the world.
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i was very embarassed when the crowd started chanting, "na na na na hey hey hey good-bye" when presdent bush and his wife flew off in the chopper.
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President Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Cheap Shot. Typical Democrat crap.
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No, he's not technically black.

He's 50% white from his mother's side.

He's 43.75% Arab and 6.25% African from his father's side.

Not that anyone is truly interested in the facts.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Obasm.
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@TRO - as for American democracy being "the finest example of a government in the world" due to a peaceful transition of power - there are many countries out there which go through a peaceful transition of power regularly and whose transitional and democratic processes make much more sense than those of the US.


But this IS a neat post. Just the sense of hope and change out there today is neat, regardless of whether it turns out as well as everyone hopes.
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@ Lore & AMH: I have no problem with Obama supporters expressing support for their president(so long as it doesn't turn into obsequious fawning and hero-worship). But idea that "regardless of your political orientation" you should join in on the celebration is a silly idea, which I've heard trickling through the media in other places as well. While I know many of his supporters are enamored with the idea that he is an "inspirational" figure who will "unite everyone", it is naive to think that those of us who didn't vote for him will see things in these terms.

Political opponents shouldn't bash the incoming president during the inauguration ceremony (it is really about the office of presidency, and an opportunity for the country to demonstrate its ability to manage an exchange of power with civility), but this doesn't mean we need to join in on the parade.

For the record Mr. Obama, I congratulate you and wish you luck! Enjoy the sweet honeymoon.
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@Aye Chihuahua. You can be 95% white but that 5% will still make you black. This is the unwritten rule of race in America. In fact most African Americans can claim a small amount of white because of their slave ancestors being raped in the past but no matter what, they will always be considered Black. That is a fact.
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And to those who continue to ding Obama for not being 100% black, a big "thank you captain obvious". We all know that. The point is that society treats him as a black man and he was able to succeed in spite of the barriers that minorities in this country face. Even if he's half white, he is a hero for many black children, many of whom need a positive role model outside athletics and the entertainment industry.
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@Clifford It's not like EVERY SINGLE black person was raped. I'm pretty sure there are some cases of a white man and black woman (or black and and white woman)who actually fell in love and had kids.
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@ Roger - I did not mean to say that everyone should celebrate regardless of political affiliation. I meant to say that it is a historical event, as it is a first in U.S. history. (Plus, I would consider any presidential inauguration as an historical event).

All I'm trying to say is that I think it's ok for Neatorama to post this without the blog being "political," simply as it is a current event and this post did not contain any political opinions in it.
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An earlier comment stated: "...his transition team has really done a great job getting the ball rolling on Guantanamo, the economy and the environment. You will start seeing the fruits of their labor in just a few days..."

Closing Gitmo was one promise he now says "No, we can't". He's said it may be years before it is closed. His economic plan is to spend more government money on people who don't produce. Environmental? There is nothing wrong with our environment, and there is no global warming, although I'm sure he'll try to raise SOME of his new taxews by saying so.
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Jan. 20 2010:

Gitmo still open and with new inmates.
Iraq and Afghanistan still active.
PAL and Israelis still fighting.
Economy still in crapper with ANOTHER trillion gone.

Obama is a lightweight with no evidence of any executive decision making. Party tonight, but tomorrow there will be NO Hope or Change.
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Who? Never heard of this guy. Is he important?

Yes, it's a great day. Proud to be able to show my kids and give it some historical context.
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I think Roberts flubbed the oath so they'll have a (lame) technicality to kick Obama out of office for some petty reason. Okay, I don't _really_ think that, but I don't put shenanigans like that past the conservatards on the court. Now if just a couple of them would retire, we'd be set for a while.
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right so you have 43 preceding white male presidents.
42 preceding white male Protestant presidents(JFK was a Catholic).

Now have the biggest single deviation in president in your nations entire history and this merits barely concealed spite?
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I'm not an Obama supporter in the least, but I have to say that you need to give him a few days to start making his promises effective. The first week will be a very telling time in his Presidency, but pay very close attention to what happens in the first 100 days. This is where we will get to see whether or not he'll live up to his lofty promises during the campaign.

The economy isn't going to get back to where it was in just a month or two, it'll take time.

You can't just close a Gitmo and expect everything to be OK. There are processes that need to happen and people that need to be moved. It's not just an overnight kind of thing.

The 'combat' troops will be out of Iraq by June 31st 2010, but they are just going over to Afghanistan anyways. Read the NYT this morning, it even says that there's another 30,000+ heading in. On that note, let me also tell you that just because the 'combat' troops will be out of Iraq doesn't mean that we'll be gone. We are actually re-titling these troops as 'trainers' and leaving some 30,000 more in Iraq beyond the 18 month deadline. So your beautiful thoughts and dreams of your beloved president pulling out of Iraq in 18 months is just that, thoughts and dreams. We're still going to be there and be there in force.

I'm also sad that Bush was so disrespected by the American people. I'll be the first to say that he wasn't the greatest Pres., but aren't you glad that you don't have to fear car bombs or suicide bombers in the streets? You can go about your life without a worry in the world? You may not like that he sent our country to war in Iraq, but I be you're glad that he implemented many systems that has kept Iraq from coming to war with us. How do we look to the outside world when the majority of us mock our leader for doing what is good and right?

Let's also not forget the opposition to the stimulus package that the Bush administration gave us last year because your beloved Obama is looking at a $850billion package right now, that is rumored to breach $1 trillion. I could sure use the cash, but is that any different than Bush's?

Speaking of money, anyone else not care that Obama's Inauguration cost around 3x as much as Bush's 2nd?! If it were McCain spending that much then we wouldn't hear the end of it! (Palin's campaign outfit budget anyone?)

So yeah, don't expect the changes overnight because that is just ignorant. Keep an eye on it over the next 3 months and see what comes about then. And don't forget that campaign promises are made just to get elected, don't be surprised if he can't keep them all.
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I listened to inauguration coverage on the radio (can't watch TV/streaming video at work),until I got oversaturated and had to retreat to my iPod for a while. Did not watch TV last night because I had homework (training to become a vet tech).
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Forgot to add: his speech was very eloquent and inspiring, but I was bothered by the comment he made about security emanating from the rightness (justness? I'm paraphrasing) of our cause. If that were true--if all it took for security was for a cause to be noble and just--it would truly be a much better world. Security has to be worked for; it doesn't come from just being right and good.

First black president? WIN. Orderly and peaceful transfer of power with no bloody coups? WIN.

I didn't vote for him, but I truly hope that he fulfills all of the hopes and dreams and expectations. He is my President and I wish him well.
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I don't have faith in politicians, (and I can't help but raise an eyebrow at people who worship him) but I wish him the best of luck.
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Why are you so obsessed with Obama's "official" blackness?

If he looks black (which he does) that society will treat him as a black man, and he will probably identify himself as a black man. That's what I think matters in terms of determining who is "black" and who isn't.

But seriously, wtf?
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As I said in post #35, there are very few people who are interested in the facts but calling Obama the first African American president is inaccurate.

In truth, he is the first Arab American president because his African heritage doesn't meet the legal threshold.
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I agree with you Aye Chihuahua, that's what I believe too, he's more Arab than African American so he should be the first Arab president. It doesn't matter how he looks.
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It matters to Americans.
I work with two people from Africa. They don't get the fuss over his skin colour because so many of the presidents (or dictators) in Africa have been black. It really all depends on your perspective. It's a bit arrogant to say that this is a great day for hummanity. There are other countries besides the US, don't forget.
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"May I remind the Bush haters, that he was voted into office, twice, by the majority of Americans.."

Which is why this was such an exciting race. It actually restored some of my faith in this country that they could see past the color of a candidate's skin and vote for a person that actually wants to change "business as usual". It amazes me that there are still people sticking up for Bush and his cronies after what has happened to our country since they took over.

President Obama has a long road ahead of him and I hope he gets the support he needs from his country and its people to turn things around. It's not going to be an easy job, considering the mess we're in.
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The economy isn't THAT bad.. I'm doing alright :)

"It amazes me that there are still people sticking up for Bush and his cronies after what has happened to our country since they took over."

What's happened to our country that has been so bad? A failing economy in his last year in office? Hmm, I guess that's about it. Let's not forget that our economy was pretty strong up until 2008, and that's after the market crashed in 2001 after TERRORISTS ATTACKED OUR COUNTRY!

It amazes me that there are still people out there blaming Bush for everything, as if 1 man has single handedly ruined the lives of everyone. Lets not forget that the House and Congress also make decisions and that the congress was Democrat controlled during these economic woes.
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dear barrack i can say i really admire so much that i wish i was related to u
i enjoy the facts that u are the first black president of America i mean that has always been my dream that one day a balk president will rule America and u have fulfilled that dream.
i admire u a lot and say hello to ur wife and kids. i love u all
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