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The The Impotence of of Proofreading

This short clip by Taylor Mali, The The Impotence of of Proofreading, is what writing for Neatorama is like for for me avery single day.

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube, a little bit NSFW audio-wise] - via Miss Cellania

Wow. Taylor Mali reading an other one of his 10 year old poems.

Could you please include a REAL slam poet not just some rich trust fund kid who writes a ditty every 5 years or so and then gets by on his good looks?

Also don't fall for his boloney on his teacher poems either.

Taylor likes to tell people he was a teacher in NYC and try to give you the impression that he was all hard and crap. The fact is Taylor has family wealth and he has NEVER taught in the public school system. Mostly he has taught at private exclusive boys schools on Cape Cod, the upper East Side, and Kennebunkport Maine (which is where the Bushes summer). Taylor only taught from the early 90's until his Trust Fund came through in 2001.

We in the poetry slam also have to deal with Taylor out right CHEATING at Poetry Slam, a sport where artists often too poor to afford the materials for any other art form compete. I personally have had to stop Taylor from bringing in Ringers in the audience as both a cheering section AND AS JUDGES. He has also Paid for the tickets for out of the area poets to compete for teams that he is on in a bid to buy the favors of the best poets in the country to compete for his teams.

Please don't give this fool any more publicity.
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I've never heard of Talor Mali before. It's quite possible that he is a FAKE slam poet and wealthy and a CHEATER. I'm not going to waste my time joining in a vendetta against the guy. But this video was neat! And I'm glad Alex posted it. The skill required to verbally slip all those typos in there so casually is impressive.
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TeaFizz, that was good, but you know what would have been funnier (and more accurate): "Eye jest though Tit wiz fanny." Because I do that all the time.
And Grappa, I had no idea Taylor was so hated among the Slam Poetry community before I posted this link on my website, so feel free to cruise over there and leave a comment because I could use the traffic and I always appreciate a well-thought-out comment! :)
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Heh. Try proofreading the articles/missives/letters you write for teh intarwebs for 15 years. Actually, my punctuation was sooo bad that I had to get a child's book for grammar so that I could make sure that I didn't look like an idiot when communicating to thousands of people. What sucks is that the more you get exposed to people who pay little attention to spelling or grammar, the more likely you are to catch their sloppiness. I try to think of it like this, "if you wish to be perceived as someone who knows what they are talking about in the professional world, you'd do well to be able to spell better than a thirteen year old." Bob the Angry Flower has a nice guide on how to use the apostrophe which I have resorted to more than once. After a while, basic rules for using the comma and the apostrophe become second nature. The semi-colon, however, is an elusive conundrum. It is a riddle... inside an enigma... wrapped in bacon.
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Looks like this footage is from the 1999 poetry slam nationals or the slammasters meeting chi town from that year.

Wow. I realize that Poetry Slamming is on the outs but could you guys include something that was written during this decade?
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I thought his typo gags were predictable, but I guess it's because I'm used to seeing proofreading errors.

One of my favorites is when spellcheck would catch a misspelling of 'inconvenience' and suggest 'incontinence'. When I was sending out emails for customer service oh-so-long-ago, it made me crack up to think of sending them an apology for the incontinence we caused them. :P
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WOW... that was bad. It was a nice idea but what a horrible comedian. I got halfway through when I realized I didn't *have* to torture myself, so I stopped.
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