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Close Call For 3-Year-Old

While sightseeing at the coast, 3-year-old Alaina Pitton and her family came whitin inches of tragedy in a matter of seconds, and it was caught on tape!  While posing for a photo, the little girl fell between two fencerails, and had she not grabbed tightly to some weeds, would have toppled over a 150 ft. cliff.

 Oregon Parks service is now working on making the area safer for small children.  KATU News has the story and video.

Typical of idiot parents. Blame the world for your bad parenting, or in this case blame the park for not putting padding and fence on every inch of their park, when you don't have the common sence of not letting young kids prance around a 150 ft drop off.
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You took the words right out of my mouth, Non. When I first saw this, a while back, actually, I remember thinking how idiotic it was that anyone would have their kids standing there without an adult holding onto their hand was.
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Yeah, I would have to 4th this one...
The father of a 2yr old myself, neither my wife or I would ever dream of letting our daughter get anywhere near that railing. WTH were they thinking?
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This is outrageous! How dare the park service keep these dangerous cliffs out in the open where any child could fall off of them. They should be gently graded down to the sea and layered in rubber playground tiles. And for that matter...the ocean? Really? My god, don't they know you can drown in one of those?

The park service has a poor record of safety. Have you ever been to Yellowstone? You could walk right up and put your face in a geyser!
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I've been to that park dozens of times, and never once even considered that some child could fall through the fence.

The fence is there more to let you know that there's an edge and not to get too close.

Why didn't those children have leases?
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There's plenty of cliff coastline near me that hasn't any fencing at all!

What annoys me about TV like this is we're treated as if we've the memory of a fish, the clip of the girl falling through the fence was shown 5 times! twice I could put up with, but 5 times is crazy.
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It's time that we finally coat the nation in that rubber playground surfacing. Never again should a person be able to interact with the dangerous world around them. I think we, as a nation, need to insist on it being part of the economic stimulus package. I want America to be 100% fall proof by 2010!
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This is what, 2 months old? And yes, it was met with plenty of over-the-top comments last time too. What's with all the recycled stories this week? I'd rather have more "Neat-o-rama is not a political blog!" posts.

Hey, didja hear about that Sarah Palin broad filming an interview in front of a turkey shredder?? Crazy I tell ya.
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Not much of a guard rail, anyways. It's just the right height for a kid to lean on. I'm torn between saying "duh" to both parties.
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I've worked on and off for various state & county parks for years and I can tell you that most are constantly dealing with idiotic legal battles. One park I worked at was (unsuccessfully) sued because someone took 12+ grade-school aged kids camping (1 chaperon for over a dozen young kids in the wilderness)and lost one when he allowed them to go swimming in a rapid creek during a rainstorm. Many parks have catch-all warnings posted like 'beware of natural hazards' to head off these sorts of law-suits.
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I'm glad that the girl was not hurt and that the family chose not to sue. In reality the kids shouldn't have been near the railing. However, there should be a middle rail in the fence. If an adult tripped on something about 5 feet from that fence, they might fall over the cliff due to the grade of the hill. It just makes sense, and they're correcting it now. So congratulations to everybody for doing the right thing.
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