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No Saggy Pants For You

At least, not if you live in Jackson, Mississippi. Although the city council voted down his proposition to outlaw saggy pants, Mayor Frank Melton has declared he will illegalize the fashion style by use of executive order. I wonder how the council will take this, since they said it was an unconstitutional thing to implement.

"I certainly respect the Constitution," Melton said, "but we have some issues that are much bigger than the Constitution."

I know Neatorama tries to stay unpolitical, but it is crucial for all of us to stand up and declare our rights to sag our pants.

Link Via Boing Boing

Not a fan of saggy pants, but seriously, illegalizing them is a bit much. This guy is obsessed and on a power trip. What next? Make up? Anything green?

I usually criticize people that come onto comment sections when they read something silly and say, "Don't police have better things to do?" or "Don't you know there are kids *fill in a hardship* in *fill in a country*?" but this is one case where it would apply.
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You're right. Stop going to school and sag your pants in protest for the next four years.

Promote the thug life.

Society will pick up the tab for you and your crib.
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The only time sagging pants matters is when they sag so look your junk hangs out. We already have laws for that (indecent exposure) so why bother?
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Sagging pants means you are homo and wanting. It is basically telling another person I am ready to take it or give it to me now. It was created in prison and most idiots do not know this. They just think it is just another style but they are retards.

I like to see them stay a couple nights in prison. I bet they would have trouble walking after they get out.
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Actually now, I think if he were to make the public exposing of ones underwear obscene, that minor change would deal with the problem because then the local/state obscenity laws would handle the situation, and adding something like that to obscenity statutes would be far less difficult than outlawing sagging trousers.
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Saggy pants is really up there in tasteless... why is is it always the "hip-hop" /rap culture that comes up with the ugliest fashions?? Grills, bling, rolling up one pant leg... where is the ugliness going to end??
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Hip-Hop and Rap did not come up with it. Inmates in prison did. They do it to let other guys know he is homosexual and is wanting some.
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If only this much energy was wasted trying to solve one of the worlds problems...

Im sure kids in Nigeria, Etheopia, ect would kill to be able to wear saggy pants!

When I use the word retarded, I mean no offence to those with disabilities, I direct it toward people in authority that have their heads stuck up their A$$ so far they cant see the light.
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I know this wont help one bit in the big picture of things but I found his email, the email of his colleagues.

Now in the process of explaining how muchof a waste of personal resources this is.

I dont wear saggy pants myself, however I could care less that anyone else would.

You would think someone who has more than likely grown up with some racial prejudice for no more than the color of his skin... would post prejudice against thosee who choose to wear their pants a little too big.

Beyond me!
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Well I for one would be pleased to say goodbye to ghetto culture, whatever part of it. Outlawing saggy pants sounds kinda ridiculous, but its still a part of that I guess. Besides, ghetto culture is nasty, it is for backwards people who care NOTHING about education and advancing human society, and more about their cars and bling, violent gang life, or "hoes n bitches" of course..

And before anyone tries to call me racist or something, a lot of white people get into this stupid nonsense as well. I don't know why the hell ANYONE does though, even when they're born into decent neighborhoods or even rich families, these idiots still think ghetto culture is SOO cool, without ever thinking about what it means and how absurdly negative it is.
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He thinks banning saggy pants is more important than respecting the Constitution"? Is he a mayor or a dictator? Besides, while saggy pants might be unappealing to most people, this isn't an issue of morality. It's about aesthetics, which are in the eye of the beholder. "Decency laws" are just an excuse for wannabe dictators to impose aesthetic standards upon others. The ethical issue has nothing to do with particular styles of clothing (or lack thereof), but with people's attitudes. In other words, it's morally right for a person to wear saggy pants because they think it's beautiful, but it's morally wrong for a person to dress in a suit and tie if they're doing so out of disrespect.
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I actually don't have a problem with this. The whole baggy pants things started when people got out of jail, and their pants no longer fit because they had lost weight. AKA anybody with ANY kind of future doesn't wear them. Outlawing it gives deadweight one less way to identify eachother, which i have no problem with.
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Xtivo : even more : baggy pants became a sign in gangs advertizing that the wearer spent some time in prison and was proud of it.
But I don't think this mayor is concerned by that : I bet he also want to put all plumbers in jail for their famous crack :)
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While people should be able to wear what they want, there comes a point when you just have to say no. Walking around in a public place with your pants sagged so low that your underwear and ass crack are showing should not be tolerated.

You shouldn't tell people what to wear, but at the same time you shouldn't let people wear anything without restraint. Otherwise we would have crazy old men walking down the streets in only a g-string.

You have to strike a balance and I really don't think this is something that should be embraced.
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I live in Jackson, and Melton is fucking nuts. He's been arrested for paying minors to demolish a house which he assumed belonged to a drug dealer (they found no drugs.) He literally dresses up like law enforcement and goes around the city fighting crime. And that just scratches the surface of all the crazy shit he's done.

Instead of enforcing a dress-code, maybe he should be focusing on the rampant crime and poverty that spreads throughout Jackson.
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Coupla things:

1. This law has gotten a lot of criticism, not just for maybe being unconstitutional, but from law enforcement. It's a whole lot easier to catch a guy running, when his pants are falling down.

2. Frank Melton isn't a stranger to "bending" laws:

I swear, this state...
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A complete waste of resources!

Whats next? Some Mayor that doesn't like guys with long hair?

Bet that will never fly. Picture 40,000 guys from the 80's with Mullets protesting on Capital Hill..All of which riding a Harley.

Not a pretty scene I agree!

Regardless of if you agree with it. I think the more important things in his city may be considered the following...

Local Health care facilities
Food Banks
Soup Kitchens
Animal control
Shelters for Women
Clean Water
Ect, Ect, Ect

I could go on and on as I am sure you could all do as well.

Surely this city has something more deserving of this effort than Baggy pants!!

I dress in a suit every day for work. I do this because of my own choice, my own free will. I do so in a place where it is not required however many of us do the same. So I guess I am guilty of conforming to an extent. When I come home however I dress in what makes me comfortable.

Regarding this instance though and...

Beyond the waste of resources. What right do any of us have to tell someone how to dress. As far as I am concerned as long as his or her genitals arent exposed. What is the big deal? We see their boxers? Get over it!

We as people should be evolved past this! I strongly disagree with those who object! If you as a person, cannot discern between a fashion choice and a class of people. In my opinion you are likely prone to racism as well.

Some of us need to get over ourselves!

Some of us that are influenced by friends, family, certain groups.. Need to pull their heads out from between their legs, Grow some balls and grow an opinion of their own. I feel bad for people who grow up with this hatred of others. A hatred of one group is easily transferred to the hatred of another.

Some of us just have no hope in hell in being rational when it comes to these things. Those are the ones I predict will carry on racism, carry on discrimination, carry on a belief that they are better than anyone else.

blah blah blah

This is much more than likely falling on deaf ears right now. Just had to write what I was thinking.

Point in closing. Waste of Tax Payers money, Waste of Resources, Waste of everyone's time!

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Wow I didn't know there were so many misconceptions about saggy pants origin. Here is the real deal: Basically it started because of too big clothing and no belts in prison. The homo thing is just a way of making fun of another group.
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ok, here is a double fruity democratic liberal "civil rights" advocates are gushing over the right to wear ghetto pants, but you cannot wear a shirt with the confederate flag on it in a public school. freedom of expression? chew on that!
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Josh shut your mouth you ignoramus
invented in jail? do you really believe that? Isn't it more likely that somebodys pants didnt fit them properly, or do you make a habit of citing homosexuality on things you don't like?
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Yes, every time we mention jail, we have to throw in the homosexual card.

Saggy pants used to be a gang thing, but now it's just a silly fashion that's been going on for years.

That's why the whole "shave a star in your hair" thing was silly, because gang symbols eventually become so watered-down, they really make no difference.
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If he's that determined to make it illegal,he should just make a mandtory belt law. You know sagging pants are only produced without a belt. Jail,Gang or not a belt has to fit in there somewhere.
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"...we have some issues that are much bigger than the Constitution."

Wow, really? How absurdly unqualified does one have to be to come up with something like that?
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Time for the rest of us to stand up and declare our rights to not be subjected to seeing your crappy underwear. If pants are too much trouble, wear shorts.
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