Texas Inmate Pulled Out Own Eye And Ate It

O.M.G. A Texas death row inmate with a history of mental problem pulled his eyeball and then ate it!

Before his trial (of which he was convicted and sentenced to death), he had pulled out an eyeball (but didn't eat it). The judge had declared him mentally fit for trial:

A death-row officer at the Polunsky Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice found Thomas in his cell with blood on his face and took him to the infirmary.

"Thomas said he pulled out his eye and subsequently ingested it," agency spokesman Jason Clark said Friday.

Thomas was treated at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler after the Dec. 9 incident. Then he was transferred and remains at the Jester Unit, a prison psychiatric facility near Richmond southwest of Houston.

"He will finally be able to receive the mental health care that we had wanted and begged for from day 1," Bobbie Peterson-Cate, Thomas' trial attorney, told the Sherman Herald Democrat. "He is insane and mentally ill. It is exactly the same reason he pulled out the last one."


This is probably going to sound retarded... but I don't think insane people pull out their eyes and eat them so they can get medical care.

It seems like he was trying to act insane in order to get what he wanted. If he was truly insane, he'd pull out his eye and eat it without any justifications.

But what do I know.

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I guess you'd have to be pretty damn desperate to try to make yourself look insane (if he's not that is).
I mean damn, that takes some crazy ass balls of steel to even think about doing something like that.
UGH Making my own eyeballs hurt just thinking about it... BLEH
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An animal will knaw off its own leg to get out of a steel trap before the trapper comes back to finish him off.... sounds like the same thing going on here.

If he's insane, then he's too dangerous to himself or other to continue living. If he IS plotting, then he is WAY too dangerous to continue living.

Continue with the execution; we don't need something like that living with the human race....
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The pain you would feel whilst doing that I think would prevent you, or at least stop whilst doing it, from "acting insane".
Also, the prison officer found him. If he wanted attention he would have done it in front of people.
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i think this person (in my professional opinion) sounds like he truly has some psychiatric issues.

i am surprised that no one has questioned whether it is right to condemn a man like him to die. truly i wonder if he had received care before things got this bad whether he would have done the things that got him on death row.
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He pulled out both eyeballs, on different occasions. After the first time the judge thought he was fit to stand trial. He should have been locked up forever for his and other's safety. We don't execute the mentally ill. That said, if one faced life in prison (or execution), I think that losing ones vision wouldn't be too bad. I'm serious. You might prefer not seeing your surroundings. I guess closing your eyes would work too...
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Whitcwa is correct: he had already plucked out one eye before trial, after which the judge said he was STILL FIT to stand. Obviously a, um, miscalculation.

He's deeply sick and probably can't ever be well. Regular prison isn't the spot for him. And no, it's not okay to kill people who are so insane. They are dangerous and need to be isolated from society and protected from themselves, but obviously don't have the capacity to understand societal rules and should not be punished as if they do, i.e., with execution.
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I thought this was 'neat' is a "Dude WTF" kind of way. Its not like its a story about 100 cages kitten buring to death on the week of christmas, or anything.
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The thought of this makes me ill. gross gross gross.
Whats worse? I can't stop thinking about how gross it is. I think I need to go vomit. :(
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Come on Neatorama has always posted this kind of stuff. It's neat in a gross way.
And on topic poor fella must be blind now, unless they put the eye back in...
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For all of you bleeding hearts that think he should be spared, do you know that he literaly tore the heart out of his wife and children? One was only 13 months old. Think about that!
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