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Man Wants Donated Kidney Back

As part of their divorce settlement, a doctor in New York state is requesting the return of a kidney he donated to his wife in 2001!
The doctor claims his wife began having an affair sometime after the transplant.

"We were in a million-dollar home, I was a full-time surgeon, full-time father and a dedicated husband. And I saved her life, and there's nothing bad about what I did, I'd do it again. But the pain is unbearable," the doctor said.

The unnamed doctor will, however, settle for $1.5 million. Link -Thanks, Gigi1!

Update: Here's a link with more information on the story.

I read about it in the Gothamist. Word on the street is that organ donations are officially 'gifts' and it's illegal to exchange body parts for money, so he has no case.
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War is war.
The kidney "assetization" is interesting : gifts from one spouse to the other can create non-marital property but usually bought (fed?) with marital funds it's considered marital property.
I wouldn't like to be the judge on this.
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Didn't the wife cheat? I mean although that was a totally crappy thing for her to do, this guy is a moron for wanting his kidney back? He's got to know he's not going to have any chance in hell of winning.
I agree with a pp.... he's just doing it to hurt her and make the divorce more painful.
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This is insane, granted, but I really do get his point and I agree with him 100%. He should get his kidney back or the $1.5 million...maybe he can make the divorce difficult enough for her that she'll give up that money. IMHO he deserves it, even if he was really stupid to give her the kidney in the first place since apparently they were already having marital problems at the time. And the wife is bitch.
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From the article: "The doctor held a news conference at his lawyer's Long Island office Wednesday to publicly talk about his demand."

Not cool. The article gives very little detail on the case. All of you taking his side, keep in mind that he may have some dirt under the rug too. At least she's not publicly humiliating him.
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God, people just love cherish their pain. And share it! Pain and drawn-out agony for everyone!

This just in: you're going to die, and you spent five years of a relatively tiny life span in court fighting over a bean-shaped filtration mechanism.
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When I heard of this, I thought that the doctor was really stupid and dumb. I found out that trading body parts for money is "illegal." Especially for $1,500,000. That is that. He is never ever gonna get his kidney back. Or else that women will seriously die without any kidney.
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Divorce in America has become a one-sided, winner-take-all affair. All men everywhere should applaud this poor guy for taking a stand, and bringing to light the ugly thing the divorce machine has become. He gives her his kidney, which put his own life in jeopardy, she commits adultery and files for divorce, knowing that in "The Land of the Freeloaders" she's guaranteed to win the lottery and the kids, too! It's time we all wake up to the injustice called "family" court. May history show them to be monsters. Sadly, ladies, in your passion to better yourselves you have unleashed a new kind of slavery that denies fathers the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You tread on sacred ground when you deprive a man of his children. Women do not own children, God does, and He has commanded that fathers be honored, not hounded to their graves by a corrupt machine. Once this machine has consumed all the fathers, it will go after mothers next-- until the State "owns" the children and freedom dies in its sleep.
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He gave her a kidney, he cannot give it back. That would be like if you donated a kidney to a stranger, and one day if you get mad at the world and want it back. He's done, get over it.
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Anyone who thinks they can get their donated organ back doesn't deserve that organ in the first place. I'm glad he gave that chick his kidney. I hope the kidney rots and she gets a new one and THEN he gets it back.
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He shouldn't get his kidney back, because its not like he is going to be using it anyways, he gave it to his wife when they were on good terms and he shouldnt worry about his kidney when his marriage is falling apart. she should defanitly keep the kidney her husband is an asshole anyways, kCoOlz! :)
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..i thinkk he is so dumb! lol.. and need to get over it .. he just want to make it more painful then what it is ..oh get over it!
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She cheated, so does half of america, get over it. He's completely insane if he thinks he's getting either the kidney or 1.5 million. He gave her the kidney in order to help the marriage which he knew was on bad terms anyway he should be happy that his children still have a mother and that they dont have to go through life with an idiot father who probably works to much. Who would have no time to pay attention to them. These two are idiots and what is wrong with todays society always asking ok when do i get mine? He is total jacka**
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