Happy Birthday, Isaac Newton!

Sir Isaac Newton was born this day, January 4, In 1643. Like many great people, Newton's life began quite inauspiciously: he was born prematurely (remember, this is 1643) and was so small that he wasn't expected to live.

It's a good thing that he did, however, as Newton grew up to be the greatest scientist who ever lived.

Check out Neatorama's 10 Strange Facts about Newton for more fun facts about Sir Isaac: Link

he was born on December 25th in the Julian calendar in 1642. When the Gregorian calendar was instituted it was shuffled to January 4th, 1643. So technically he has two.
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@The Other Parker - agreed. I would have thought that Einstein, Fermi, Salk, or others would have made the list before Newton.

But... exaggeration is a zillion times more effective than understatement.
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Add me to the list of those that doesn't think Newton was the greatest scientist ever.

Is he wearing lipstick in that painting or is it just my imagination?
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"Newton's stature among scientists remains at the very top rank, as demonstrated by a 2005 survey of scientists in Britain's Royal Society asking who had the greater effect on the history of science, Newton was deemed much more influential than Albert Einstein." (from wikipedia)

well the man invented classical mechanics and calculus, so if we have engineering today its because of him.
i hear he was kind of an arsehole tho.
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