Hamster-powered Shredder

The hamster runs on his exercise wheel, powering the shredder, which shreds a document and provides the hamster with a bed of clean litter to sleep on. Design consultant Tom Ballhatchet is in the process of getting a manufacturer for this prototype. Link -Thanks, Stu Roberts!

Ummmm, I'm a true blue geek of the first order. This however is really bad.

1. If you cannot get the hamster to exercise you can't get your item shredded. Could be a really dicey situation if the bad guys are breaking down your door.

2. So now instead of a shredder that works as expected for very little electricity you can have a shredder that works sporadically AND smells bad!

Now if someone could come up with a way to make the hamster eat the paper that would be really NEAT.
Slow as blazes but still neat. I think Tom needs to build a better mousetrap. Or at least a better shredder.
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liphttam1 Guinea pigs should not use running wheels or exercise balls, their backs aren't flexible enough. ;) Though they would eat the paper, which ocassional paper eating is ok.

I do know someone who runs a tax preperation business and used to own a macaw. She'd let him shred up her mistakes.
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