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VideoSift Clips of the Week

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Green Tie in Front of a Green Screen
TMJ4 weatherman Scott Steele found out why you're not supposed to wear a green tie when giving the weather in front of a green screen:

The news director told me to get a power tie, I just didn't realize how powerful it is ...

It certainly made the weather report more interesting, perhaps all weathermen should wear green ties!


Backwards Beethoven
What happen if you play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata Fur Elise backwards? Here's Sean Wesche on the piano: Link

Previously on Neatorama: Singing Backwards

Yoshimoto Cube
Forget Rubik's Cube - here's the Yoshimoto Cube, or if you want to get all technical, the transformation fo two stellated rhombic dodecahedron from a cube.

Philip Brocoum explains: Link

Bob Munden: Fastest Gunman Ever
Here's Bob Munden, the self-proclaimed fastest gun who ever lived:

Now in terms of time, Bob, how quick was that?

I draw, cock, level, fire the gun and hit what I'm shooting at in less than 2 one-hundredth of one second ...


Simpsons Duet: 2 Guys 1 Piano
Here's Steven Worbey and Kevin Farrell of Katzenjammer (lit. cat's wail in German), playing the theme of The Simpsons.

They're pretty awesome! Link

For more the web's most interesting videos, check out: VideoSift.

hey that Yoshimoto Cube is not new am i right?

i am 28(almost 29) now and i remember as a kid( i grew up in asia), i had something just like that,except they are in ' coca cola and fanta's logos) i mean when i was maybe 6-10 year old.

is that video meant to be sarcastic?
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The Yoshimoto cube is nowhere complex as it appears to be. It's basically 2 rings which folds into a star and into an empty cube which can hold the star. The 2 rings can be placed together when it is folded 4x2. Once you figured it out, it is straigthforward.
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"Fur Elise," not "Moonlight" Sonata. What the guy did was learned to play "Fur Elise" in reverse, and also say his dialogue in reverse (probably by spelling it out phonetically). The result, when the video & audio is run backward, is strange-sounding speech, "Fur Elise" going forward but sounding almost as though it's played on a harmonium (a sort of pump-organ) --- and of course all kinds of backward action from his friend. Interesting experiment! One person who posted a response on Flickr even supplied their "re-reversed" recording of the piece. "Fur Elise" is still pretty recognizable backward.
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