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Tacky Hillary Memorabilia

In an effort to ensure this site isn't biased towards the left, I thought you may all appreciate these silly Hillary Clinton items. Although, to be fair, now the site seems sexist against women politicians, so I assume everyone will still be unhappy.

I'm not sure if this is liberal or conservative:

Real conservatives don't use fire starters. Just the bill of rights.

Real liberals don't use fire starters. Just an American flag.
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If you bring in a product playing on the insanity of Ron Paulb/paultards, Neatorama's affirmative action trifecta will balance. But the griefers win. =(
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Yea right evil pundit and others, no disrespect but the only reason why you people say what you did is to "prove" that you all are against all political postings, not just those supposedly against conservatives. Pretty obvious but very very transparent. But as always and forever, empty threats keep littering this site, the complainers will always continue to come, period, mark my words none of you will leave, how many times have you all complained and threatened and STILL here. Nice try though.
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"In an effort to ensure this site isn’t biased towards the left..." That was the funniest line I've read today. So a Hillary Firestarter is "tacky", but Sarah Palin TP isn't. So much for your purported unbiased blogging.

I had been just reading the front page on Neatorama, avoiding the comments to avoid the flame wars, but Jill, you're well on your way to screwing up even that.
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"I am so sick of Neatorama and its stupid politics.

Bye bye."

which means we'll see you tomorrow under a different alias. Or maybe you will just refuse to login and comment anymore. Neatorama is like crack. You can't just quit it cold turkey! :)
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Neatorama isn't biased to the left.

It does seem to be pro democrat, but that is not the left.

There is no left in US politics. The democrats are right wing centrists. The republicans are basically fascists, that is to say extreme right wing.

The closest you get to a left wing is Nader, and he's nothing more than a consumer advocate.

There is no left.
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stfu all of you political whiners! go find the time and raise the capital to create your own blog or shut up and continue to enjoy alex's!
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Pol x, you are correct in many ways. The democrats like to pretend they espouse many liberal values, but are not very different from republicans when they're actually in office. Running the country is just a popularity contest for rich folk.

It's sad to see people bashing Evil Pundit for having a different point of view.
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Neatorama isn't a political blog, but there's going to be a political component wherever you go for entertainment. Disregarding Pol X's stupid metapolitical nonsense, Neatorama is firmly left.

I don't see why that's a problem. Most Neatorama readers are liberal. Most Neatorama contributors are liberal. Why go out of your way to avoid offending a stray conservative?

Would you walk into a country music bar and ask them to play some jazz? Would you ask Avenged Sevenfold to sing Oops I Did it Again? Would you ask John Madden to give you some in depth tennis analysis? Then quit asking Neatorama to lean right.
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I don't understand what the big deal is about the occasional political post. (Although I think it's a stretch to call the past couple of posts political. You guys should feel blessed that your politics are so interesting! In Canada, there is not much excitement on the political scene.)
If you don't like a particular post, scroll on by. I find the sports related stuff boring but I don't criticize Alex for being a sports blog.
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@sadtomato: Now don't go getting all reasonable and making sense and stuff. Griping keeps you young, which is why some of the regular commenters actually appear to be zygotes in the right light.
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Again, please don't be mean to Alex for the political items. Just hold on untill the elections have died down.

What irony I never thought of Hillary Clinton as hot.
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Barm, I must disagree.

The occasional political post is probably fine. When someone deliberately posts something that they know will offend a certain portion of their reading audience, and when the posts are mostly biased in one direction, that's not very pleasant for those people.

Say most of Neatorama's audience is heterosexual and white. Is it then okay to post something offensive to gay people or to black people? After all, they're not in the majority, and if they don't like it, they can just scroll down. Or go somewhere else. And they shouldn't complain at all - after all, they know they're reading a white, heterosexual blog.
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Ted, are you serious?! If Alex and the gang didn't post things because *someone* might find it offensive there would be no Neatorama! (No internet, movies, music, books....)

And you're comparing racism to political preference? Come on, you're getting a little carried aren't you?
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Ted, I do think there's an equivalency problem with offensive to gays/blacks vs. offensive to non-Obama fans. Racial and sexual identity are intrinsic; politics are opinions, available to change, critique, etc., and not far removed from posts that bring up issues surrounding faith versus science or opposing philosophies on the host of other controversial but viable topics of the day.

I guess I just don't see what's wrong with ribbing and passionate debate. People over at pundit kitchen complained about the dearth of negative Obama posts during the campaign, but honestly, sometimes one figure is riper for satire than another. Obama supporters weren't recorded calling for McCain's head on a platter, or making up crazy terrortastic stories about Unidentified Black Males with raging cases of sadistic dyslexia assaulting poor McCain supporters, etc. The absurdity levels were not the same, I don't think, and what you saw in the instant-return environment of the internet reflected that.

Most of the absurdity surrounding Obama centers on his mythology as a savior to all of humankind, which is pretty funny but not double-over-laughing funny. Just naive and silly. Satire requires more abject pathos, like holding forth on the meaning of turkey day in front of turkeys being slaughtered, or family values and abstinence being espoused while your daughter gets knocked up. These things are funny and ironic in very colorful ways. You don't have to like them for their political targeting, but you could acknowledge their fairly blatant comedic potential.
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