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What is it? Game 86

W00t! It's time for our collaboration with What is it? Blog. This week's mysterious object is pictured to the left: can you guess what it is for?

Place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please, but you can enter as many as you can think of. Post no URLs, let others play. The first person who guesses right (or gives the funniest guess, if no one gets it right) wins a Free Neatorama T-Shirt.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 1/2/09 - here's the answer: A BLU-26/B ball-type submunition of a cluster bomb, this inert practice piece has aerodynamic vanes and is made of solid metal, it's also called a Guava Bomblet.

Congratulations to JKirchartz who got it right! And a big thank you and a free T-shirt to Coyote who corrected the missing picture error!

It's called a typo in the hyper link. What do I win? :P
here's the actual picture;
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OK, I took the liberty of fixing it. Alex is on Pacific time, and he might have celebrated last night.

Or something.

I can tell right away that this is an instrument of torture.
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Definately one of the smaller bombs inside of a cluster bomb. These really look like toys often, so sometimes kids pick them up and activate them well after the initial cluster bombing...
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It is a Guava Bomblet. They were made of thousands of amall steel balls cast into a metal matrix. the little fins helped ompart a spin as they were 'dispensed' from their bonb casing. Upon impact they would shatter spreading a nasty spray like buckshot at whomever or whatever was in its way.
The blue paint indicates it was part of an inert training bomb.
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It's a Bomb Live Unit (BLU) more commonly known as a submunition. Without measurements you really can't guess which one it is but I'll say BLU-26 (Practice/Inert)
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I think it is used inside a large tumbler machine of sorts to crush or smash something. Sorry I cant be more specific, this was the first thing that came to mind.
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Looks like a mold for a bowling ball. The four swirly things connect to the holes.

Okay, I made that up, but it *is* original.
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Its a shotput ball.The small fins allow it to be propelled further.Its illegal in nine countries as its made of metal infused with heroin.true.
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As said, it's a cluster munition. If I remember correctly, the "fins" are called flutes. Given that each bomblet is self contained and not wired to the main device, the flutes serve to arm the bomblet via centripetal force. After the bomblets are ejected the flutes cause the bomblets to spin.
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