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It's That Time of Year Again: Banned Words for 2009

Each year since 1976, Lake Superior State University has released a list in late December of words that should never be used again based on their overuse in the 12 months prior. This year's list largely revolves around the election and the economic crisis:

  • Maverick

  • From Wall Street to Main Street

  • Desperate search

  • monkey, when used as a suffix

  • game-changing

  • carbon footprint or carbon offsetting

  • green

  • bailout

  • "winner of five nominations."

  • *3 - It's the first time an emoticon has made the list.

  • First Dude

  • icon or iconic

  • staycation

  • not so much

  • it's that time of year again

  • Leave a comment and let us know what 2008 word you think should be banned forever.

    Link via Yahoo

    same as last year - 'going forward' or 'on a go forward basis'

    One of our favourite morning shows (Q107 in Toronto) is sponsored by a hot tub company that used 'staycation' in its ad campaign ALL SUMMER AND FALL.
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    Maverick is my actual middle name so I can't drop it. First I had to deal with Tom Cruise ruining it and then the McCain campaign. Thanks a lot.
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    Staycation is really high on my personal list of words hated. It's right under relicious which means really delicious but I have only known a four year old to use it.
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    Yes "credit crunch". On this side of the Atlantic its been the most overused term to describe, not a new kind of cereal, but a recession Goddamn it why don't they just call it that?
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    It's that time of year again for green carbon offsetting staycations; not so much for Maverick monkey, winner of five nominations for his desperate search for a game-changing bailout from Wall Street to Main Street.
    <3 First Dude
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    Great, Maverick is my FIRST name. I feel that the republican campaign has soiled my name. I use to get compliments for my name, now all name discussions redirect somehow to mccain. I'm accepting name suggestions
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    Using <3 to mean 'heart' or 'love' used to annoy me. Now I just turn my head the other way and read it as 'teabag' and it's hilarious.

    Whenever I see 'I <3 my dog', I read it as 'I teabag my dog'. I hope your dog's not a pitbull, pal.
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    Please ban: Amazing. It's used to describe everything from pastry to mothers. And way too often, actors use it to describe other people in their movies and it makes them sound so very wise to recognize the trait and know the (aforementioned adjective) person.

    (However, you may allow Randi to continue to use it -- and a select few others, pending discussion.)
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    "czar" like the suffix "gate" is way over used. When properly used it means supreme ruler. Also used as a synonym for "king".

    drug czar (drug king)
    war czar (war king)
    terrorism czar (terrorism king)
    cybersecurity czar (cybersecurity king)
    climate czar (the person in charge of climate?)
    copyright czar (the person in charge of copyrights?)
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    First off, how many public works projects actually require a shovel, and secondly, if all a project really needs to be implemented is money, just say so dammit!
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    I like green <3 . It distracts me from the bailout and our carbon footprints. I can't believe its that time of the year again to ban words. And now neatoramas on a deperate search for words to ban. I hope useing all thes words dosn't make me a maverick. I think not so much about what I say though.
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    We here in England are suffering a severe outbreak of You know, particularly among formerly erudite people, strangely, you know.

    And as for the effect of the olympics - we have new verbs "To medal" "To Podium", as in "He podiumed three times" (yecch) joining other awful verb converts like "dialoguing" and "main-streaming"
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