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Plastic Surgeon Runs Car on Fat

This is a story too gross to make up. A plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills is in trouble for modifying his engine to run on liposuctioned fat. Several ex-patients are suing Dr. Craig Bittner because they did not agree to having their excess used for his benefit. Apparently this isn't the first time something like this has happened or else California wouldn't already have a law on the books banning people from using human medical waste to power vehicles.

Whatever happened to appreciating the search for alternate fuel sources?

Link Via Consumerist, Photo by dotbenjamin [Flickr]

It's better off running a car off the fat asses of his patients then ending up in a landfill. Dang! Imagine that, a car which has exhaust fumes that smell like bacon!
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This is a joke, right? Then again it is from CA, the land of fruits and nuts. I read something a long time ago of people stealing used cooking oil from restaurants storage tanks. They use it in their cars that can run off the stuff.
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oh my bf told me about this today.. we thought it sounded like the beginning of a horror movie.. when he runs out of patients.. and needs to drive.. it's time to killlll..
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@ Kitten

Whoa. You know actually that would make a half decent movie. I can see it now...him killing fat lonely teenagers in the night while he stalks the local 7-11 and donut shops for victims.
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Running your car on cooking oil is a fairly common thing, nowadays. A lot of touring bands do that to cut down on the cost of gas for the tour. It's also better for the environment.

I think this is a pretty dumb lawsuit...
I think the surgeon is pretty smart.
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It is and isn't better for the environment. For now just a few people run their cars on used vegetable oil from restaurants. They have no emissions from their car at all. The problem is if it were to catch on (which I don't think it will) there is not enough used veggie oil for everyone so corn crops would be used for car fuel instead of food and the prices of food would be driven up. That is a very bad thing.
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@ Violet

what terrorists in Sihk Communities?

Other than that, bio fuels are a great idea, wbut why are they not making methanol from corn waste (stalks, husks cobs) rather than ethanol from the food part?

Crazy people.
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@ Violet agian.

Aha....I was reading from the top down after a week off from neatorama.

I now see what you were saying.

My apologies.
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Well, if he's getting 'free feul', he should give discounts to the people who paid for lipo, right?

It would be handy if somehow (magic technology!) I could power my car for a while and have it disolve my body fat until I was super trim!

Oh, and Ali/Kitten, as for that movie... pratically, instead of kidnapping and killing fat people, if he was smart and really needed the fat for feul, he'd probably just offer people free lipo.
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Sadtomato, that's already happening, biofuels and ethanol are more profitable so many of the corn growers have already stopped selling their crops for food.

Things would be far better off if they'd just do away with the prohibition on industrial hemp. That way they could stop using the corn for biofuels, as well as the numerous other products that can be made from hemp.
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Couldn't agree with you more HollywoodBob. I think there is a big education gap needing to be filled in regards to uses for hemp. I almost fell off my chair the other day when I heard a very intelligent friend say that hemp and pot were the same thing!! Akk!!
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I wouldn't mind if we were able to work out some sort of deal. Like a barter system. Like figure out mileage to ounces of fat. If he were able to get a mile out of a pound. I'd let him remove a pound of fat.
We both get what we want.

As for bio-diesel. I love the "french fry" smell.
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Mr. Binky "Oh, and it’s not really stealing the oil, because the restaurants have no use for it at that point. They’re happy to get rid of it."

Yes they are glad to get rid of it, in fact they pay people to haul it off. Call me old fashioned but taking something that doesn't belong to you is stealing.
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@ SparkS
Not everyone in Ca is a fruitcake or a nut....But then maybe that is why I want to move out of Ca.LOL
Seriously though not eeevvvveeeerrrroooonnnne is wierd.
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