Icy Hill

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December 15, 2008, South Waterfront neighborhood, Portland, Oregon. Looking from our condo we can see cars attempting, and most failing, to climb up a hill to get out of the neighborhood. I decided to put together a montage of sliding cars. Portland had a recent snowfall and we are expecting more tomorrow.

Might I add kudos for the excellent choice of theme music. -via Bits and Pieces

There's a major road I use to take to work which is sloaped up to a set of lights. When roads are icy you see people struggling to get up it if they were unlucky enough to have to stop while on the slope and lacked the traction to get up it. Days like that I take a different route to work.
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I keep seeing a white van trying it at several points. I have to wonder if there are just a lot of white vans in Portland, or if the same guy keeps going around the block and giving it one more try.
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I love the ones that back up and give it a second try. At first it looked like one car switched drivers but when I watched it again I think the driver got out and walked away to the right and the passenger got in the drivers seat
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I didn't have the sound turned on when I first hit play, but somehow I knew that it was playing that music. Some of those looked like scary close calls, but it was amusing none the less.
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In the UK we have salt bins on the pavement beside roads like this - some kind soul will chuck some over the slope when it gets like this. Unless some git's already nicked it for their path.
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Hahaha... there are 3 roads, out, the last one is mostly flat... I took my husband there today to take the tram up to the hospital where he works. We specifically planned to avoid that hill!
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In Seattle we're having a similar problem. Drivers in Seattle may not be used to the snow, but most of us have at one point driven a car that can't get up the hills, so we're pretty good at avoiding them when we need to. The steeper ones have been closed for about a week.
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3 things I noticed. NO ACCIDENTS. The Street car. Didn't know they had them. And you need to find something else to do on Cold yucky days like this. LOL
(yes I know it was probably done with a camera on a tripod just filming away all day)
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What's going on to the right of the road, about halfway down the hill? Is that a culvert? If so where would it be coming from? There's lots of motion, but it doesn't look quite like water. Maybe freezing/thawing cycles? Why don't I get back to work?
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