A Wintery Touchdown Celebration

So, it snowed during the New England Patriots-Arizona Cardinals game today (I'll let you guess where they were playing). Of course, that means that touchdown celebrations have to be taken to a whole new level, like this one from Patriot Wes Welker:

What do you think? Rude, or funny? Personally, I enjoyed it.


I don't get it. I don't watch American Footy and I don't really understand the rules but... how is making a snow angel unsportsmanlike?
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You can't go to the ground for a celebration, I guess. It was a very unsportsmanlike snow angel.

It's ridiculous that they had to make penalties for stuff like that.
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I've been unhappy with this rule since it came out. As long as it doesn't turn into a dance routine, as long as it only takes a few seconds to do, it should be allowed. It's a game, people. Have fun.
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This is a Patriot tradition started by Lonie Paxton in '01-'02! It's sad that this is unsportsmanlike now. It was stupid to do it knowing that the celebration rules have changed.
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Can't go to the ground for a celebration? Strange rule. It just reminded me of a funny quote by some Rugby commentator once:

"I don't like this new law, because your first instinct when you see a man on the ground is to go down on him"
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What bothers me is not the rule that excessive celebration is unsportsmanlike, but that there's no room for creativity. If there were, then Wes Welker would have still gotten 15 yards, (and likely 5-15 thousand dollars fines) but it would have encouraged him to be more original.

Lonie Paxton's snow angels were trademark, but they are also well-known.

T.O.'s popcorn-in-the-face or Maurice Jones-Drew's ATM withdrawal - these are funny. These, the NFL should let slide... once.

But all in all, it proves that the NFL really is the No Fun League.
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I think what Wes Welker did was absolutely fine.

I also think he absolutely should have been penalized, and he knew he was going to be before he did it. It was a clear violation.

T.O.'s popcorn to the face was great, and also completely deserved a penalty.

You can't selectively enforce the rules just because you thought someone was funny.
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I too, think he should have been penalized. It's definitely not funny to me, because it's just not my type of sense of humor. I definitely vote for justice before humor.
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Compared to some of the old touchdown celebrations I have seen, this is nothing. I agree with Johnny Cat. As long as it isn't some two minute long dance routine there shouldn't be a problem. They really sucked some of the fun out of the game with the rule.
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How could anyone - anyone - consider that rude? You'd have to have some serious personal issues to be bothered by something like that.
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what about the guy on another team who went down on one knee and looked to heaven? (yesterday too). that could be considered offensive by MANY, to bring religion into it... but a snow angel is somehow worse?! sure they have to curtail it otherwise it gets out of hand, but a snow angel? in the snow?!
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violet/riga are you serious? The crowd was tossing snow around and nothing else. If you are seen throwing trash on the field or at other fans they will kick you out.
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violet/riga - It was snowing like crazy during the entire game, and whenever NE scores everyone throws snow up in the air like confetti. It's called fun.
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Makign a snow angel is 'unsportsman-like'? Man, in MotoGP, after various wins, Valintino Rossi has:
Whipped out a Doctor costume and performed an 'examination' of his bike
Pretended to be a bowling ball and bowled himself into 10 fans dressed as bowling pins
And a dozen other things I don't know of in addition to wheelies, burnouts, etc.
Not to mention giving Biaggi the bird while going around a corner at 90mph.

I don't think they are unsportsman like, just over the top.
Seems silly to me, just make a 5 second rule and leave it at that.
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This reminds me of a story about the Australian, NBL (National Basketball Leauge) in its heyday.

After a bad call call made to one player he asked
"Hey Ref, can i get a tech-foul for what i'm thinking"??

The ref replied "No of course you can't"

Player then responds "OK...I think you're an A$$hole"

Let the boys play, and celebrate a little
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