Hamster On A Piano Eating Popcorn

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I have to say, this song, like the wiener dog song, will be in my head for weeks to come. But it is so worth it just to see the little hamster in critter heaven munching on his popcorn no matter what else happens.

Link Via Laughing Squid

I have been watching this since say, October... such a catchy tune. I always use it to cheer me up! <3

check out the user's other videos as well... equally cute and hilarious!
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Well, of course it sticks in your head; it's insipid. That's why I can never understand people who use "catchy" as a positive term. Catchy is incredibly easy to write and annoying to anyone with any sense of musical taste.
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I'm just amazed that anyone could find that rubbish catchy.

Maybe I'm just tired of the endless spew of cute animal videos accompanied by crappy songs. Maybe we need some real animal situations.

There's a bulldog squatting on my lawn.

It's a sack, full of kitty cats. And they meow, meow, meow, and they splash, splash, splash.
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OK. That was undeniably cute. Now pass me the ear bleach. The "Demon DJ" in my head is going to get a lot of use out of that little tune...
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