Cool Deer Socket Accessories

These neat looking socket accessories are also functional. They help you keep your floors clean from all those electronics you're charging all the time.

"The antlers for all three types of deer are already the perfect shape to hold things, so we hardly had to modify the forms at all. The tough urethane rubber we used for the cover holds handsets tightly, and also protects the antlers from breakage should you bump into them."

It has antlers, its obviously one of your toys little billy.
These are stupid dangerous.
Now kids can have the option of electrocuting themselves or blinding themselves as they play with sockets.
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Edward, I think they just sell the plastic around the actual socket, so you wouldn't need to worry about it in your house.
And psychomar, there are a whole lot of really neat design elements that just are not kid friendly. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't be allowed to exist.
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Thanks Jill, I was actually aware that not everything is child-friendly. But unfortunately for little billy this isn't as easily put away before he comes to visit.
And some things, like electrical outages, should have advances that make them safer, not stupidly more dangerous.
They could have just as easily made a shelf that attaches over the socket. Why stop at sharp-protruding objects over sockets? Lets put Sharp antlers at the side of your tv to hold the remote. And sharp spikes on the side of the fridge to hold your car keys. And little hooks on the microwave door to hold your fork while you microwave crap. MEH I say! MEH!
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Personally, I think these are awesome, but that aside...

"Socket-deer can also be used as a cover for light switches, and the antlers make an excellent hook for keys or accessories."

I believe they were talking about the antlers on light switches, but if not, keys and 120v outlets have always been a winning combination.
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eCh, I'm not a fan of faux animal stuff, even if it's plastic antlers on an electrical socket. Looks like you'd still have the cord all over the floor/table since I'm not aware of too many electrical sockets mounted 4 feet high in the middle of a wall.

Still, a modern looking rack and a few pegs to coil the cable around and these would be pretty functional. Better yet, instead of having to replace the cover itself, a plug-in cover would be great (like those 2 -> 6 socket converters).
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psychomar - not everyone gives a crap about your little billy. this is a fun bit of design that was meant to be ironic. your tirade about spikes on fridges and microwaves is moronic. ooooohhh... a "shelf" over the outlet, now that has character! some people like to have fun with design. some people are boring dullards that have retarded children. you, sir/madam are the latter.
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How often do you people trip and fall and end up with your head hitting the wall? Jeez. Do you really think it's more likely you'll be tripping and falling and hitting your head in those areas if you have these things to hit it on?
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I like to see all of the safety freaks get as worked up as the next person, but are these even for sale? They look like concept pieces, but I'd buy a couple if I could find an online store selling them!
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It seems like a cool idea... if not practical. I would personally run into that 5-6 times a day if it were in my house. My legs would be all tore up!
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so I've kindof kept up with searching around online since these first got posted and I'm wondering if they'll ever be available for purchase? I'd love to snag a couple.
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