The Most Shocking PSAs Ever

We all remember the "This is your brain on drugs" public service announcement with the frying pan and the egg, but that's pretty mild compared to some of the PSAs compiled by PopCrunch. Click the link and you'll be warned about everything from eating foie gras to using meth to stopping land mines. Warning - some of the videos are rather graphic.

I definitely should have read the warning. Those hurt. But hopefully they'll raise awareness...

What am I talking about? The PSAs about "my friend's got (a) me(ntal illness)" make me sad. Great post.
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Animals aren't humans.
Why people think this is torture is beyond me.
People watch way too many Disney films and have way too much imagination.
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Do you guys even understand what is done to a goose to make foie gras? I can't understand how people are not outraged at the way these animals are tortured so that we can have something to eat. If it was a dog or cat would you feel still think it was okay?
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Sigh-- Even if animals aren't all Disney sweet and emotive, they still feel pain. There is no point in being pointlessly cruel to them. (And I'm far from a vegetarian, but that doesn't mean I think that cows and pigs should be bludgeoned to death in the slaughter process. Or in this case, have food shoveled down their throats through a tube.)
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Last year I made my own duck foie gras : the duck had still corn all along its trachea. When you open the duck, the liver is huge, filling all the body. You're eating a sick animal for sure. It smelled already like foie gras.
Nevertheless, well seasonned and cooked, we had a blast eating it.
Does it make me a torturer?

Check this out (3:30 is the top):
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Cheeseduck, I agree about the landmines one. The whole idea is preposterous. If there were a landmine in the middle of the socce field, the dude who cuts the grass woulda hit it long ago.

The car accident one was the best.
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