Multiple Kill Vehicle's Hover Test

A military killer drone, er ... missile defense took one step closer to reality. Here's a video clip of a "multiple kill vehicle" completing its hover test:

Objectives of the test included having the MKV-L hover under its own power and prove its capability to recognize and track a surrogate target in a flight environment. During the test, the MKV-L's propulsion system demonstrated maneuverability while tracking a target. The MKV-L transmitted video and flight telemetry to the ground.


Well isn't that ducky. The auto industry is tanking, real estate has tanked already, people are losing their jobs, life savings, retirement funds, there are problems with certain aspects of our planet's eco-system, and look what we have here....

A group of "Dedicated Scientists" bent on trying to figure out how to kill more people faster, more efficiently and therefore, cheaper.

Gosh it makes one proud.
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This is a missile defense weapon, it saves people from a nice a crispy nuclear death. Make sure you know what your talking about or you come across sounding like Bruno, and Bruno we are not "Dedicated Scientists", were "Dedicated Engineers".
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Have none of you actualyl READ what it does? The thing naviagtes to a spot in the path of ballistic missile and kills it by basically ramming the thing at high speed, in orbit. It does not kill any living thing or have to distinguish between friendlies, as its only purpose is to stop things falling ot earth from orbit.
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Oh please. Using that logic, the first atomic bomb was also a "Defensive Weapon".

It got in the way of an entire nation of Japanese and killed them by basically ramming them at high speed. (and then exploding and irradiating the life out of them.)
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