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Oh No! Trapped By Cans

This poor dog is just so upset. It can't escape the can barrier.


I'm usually tolerant of this kind of thing, cause yeah, pets are our underlings, and we can do whatever we want with them as long as it's not cruel, or whatever. But this...this is just someone poking fun at their pet, saying "Look how stupid you are! Heheheh"

And there is a hint of cruelty, at least implied; perhaps not grokked by the dog, but yes, it's there. "Put the toy in there," the cinematographer posits. Then the other decides to block the treasure off with cans. Awesome.

I hope the humans depicted here are "fixed" because I'd hate to see what they do with kids.
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Great! Now we have a acid test for yappie dogs. If they can't escape a can barrier then they've been bred to redundancy and should never be allowed to mate. If we could only figure out the same kind of filtering process for humans...maybe a boobytrapped maze of some kind.
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Conditioned learning. Last time the cans were attached to the power supply and the thing is too fat to jump.

Even sadder when you see the same thing done to cubicle workers.
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I'm surprised at most of you. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Show a video of an animal on the internet doing anything other than smiling happily or running free and you'll have people cry foul play. Why do you jump to the assumption that he's been shock trained?

This is a shih-tzu, or a similar breed. I have one myself, and I can assure you they are dumb as rocks. And exploiting that fact for laughter is bad? Come on, it's harmless fun. For mine, he has no concept of "up". I like to let him watch me throw a toy straight up--he'll run around the floor trying to find out where it went until it lands. Or I'll stand at the top of the stairs to the attic and call his name--he'll run around trying to figure out where it's coming from, where my other dog (a greyhound mix) will stare straight at me.
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@Ashley, my shih tzu doesn't have the concept of "up" as well... I suppose his world composes of what's in front of him and nothing above. :P
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I, for one, was fascinated by the video. I had the sound off, no I have no idea what the person shooting the video was saying, but I did find it interesting that the dog apparently has no ability to jump or any sense of curiosity. The dogs I have owned would have hopped the line of cans, or would have pawed them over and out of the way. But here? The dog sees the cans an an insurmountable barrier even though it can easily topple them (and does, with its tail).
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If this is dog is being abused, chain me to the wall in that house.

Every dog has its quirks. My Beagle mix turns into a howling, barking mess if you even look as though you've spotted an insect, which she is happy to kill and eat for you. My Rhodesian Ridgeback, who is a lean, imposing 100 pound beast is so submissive that we have to protect him from little dogs on our walks. We get a kick out of these things and so many others. I won't bore you with all their stupid pet tricks, but come on, folks, why do you have to be so negative and assume the worst?
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The scientific part of my brain says this inability to problem solve is fascinating.

The compassionate part of my brain says that this is kind of cruel.

The part of my brain that is irritated by yappy little dogs and their owners who put ribbons on their dog's heads, act like they are their "children" and support the breeding of these poor animals that wouldn't last 5 seconds in the wild says: Funny!
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This dog was obviously last in line for brains. But I too find it mildly cruel to tease the dog. I think most parents taught their children not to treat pets this way when they were two.... and now Neato posts it as entertainment... the proud tradition of continues!
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I think it's rather amusing. I used to have a shi'tsu terrier mutt mix...I think the terrier mutt part of her gave her brains because she was a lot smarter than this. A cat I used to have would flop down in the middle of the kitchen floor and expect me to spin her around until she got dizzy, got up, and walked sideways (usually into a cabinet). She'd also crawl into a plastic bag (like a walmart bag), let me hang it from a doorknob, and "attack" my finger as I traced along the side of the bag until she tore a hole and jumped out.

Sometimes when animals do dumb things like that, they do it on purpose. If my cat didn't like to be spun around or hang in a bag to attack a shadow, she wouldn't put herself in the situation. Now that she's older she won't put up with stuff like that (and would probably bite/claw you if you tried).
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It's well known that lap dogs are the dumbest dogs and working dogs are the smartest, see:
Selective breeding does work...
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Ack, they've bred the brains right out of that dog. I'm sure it's a sweet little critter with a happy life and people who love it, but... there's still an ick factor somehow. Deep down it probably still thinks it's a big bad wolf, but has the problem solving ability of a mushroom.
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Wow, all very serious in here.

@Ashley: The dog looks happy and to the upset ones I think Larfin and darlzwik may have been using that 'English sense of humour'. If the cans were attached to a power supply it would be one ex-pooch.

Why so serious?

@Lauren: LOL, yeah me too. Mine are beer cans.
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Right out of spongebob when they drew the circle in the ground and a bear couldnt get in. Only this one is backwards. Much funnyer to. He accedently knocked the cans over. HA HA!
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