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Whipper is a parakeet in New Zealand. A fluffy mutant parakeet who was abandoned by his mother because of his bizarre looks. No doubt he'll be quite popular with people! -via Unique Daily

Awwww, what a cute little guy! And his little squeaks were adorable as well! I hope she doesn't breed him. Yeah it would be cute to have more, but not if there is something other than the excess feathers, that's wrong with him.
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Just a few posts from Darwin, here we are interfering in natural selection. Not that I have any room to speak. Natural selection would have phased premie-Corinne out too.

Really, he's awesome looking, it's true. But I'd like to meet him. I love birds. I have a Senegal, myself. :]
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It apparently can't fly, it almost can't walk. Not sure if it can see through the thicket of... err... fluff feathers? Cute or not: it should not be bred. Poor little guy.
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Aww! It looks like the parakeet equivalent of a sheep dog. And, yes, it certainly does look like there is something wrong with it's legs and wings. Perhaps all that fluff is making it hard for him to walk about or move his wings. Still adorable in a mutant way.
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I tried to post links to what he is. I researched it a little. He's what they call a feather duster budgie. It's a genetic mutation where the gene that controls feather growing doesn't turn off. The birds suffer muscle wasting and usually die before they're 8 months old.
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Surely, it's not just a matter of appearance that caused the mother to abandon it? Although perhaps that was key in her decision not to spend her time on an unhealthy baby?
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