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Seriously Weird And Endangered Species

I've seen some weird animals online, but Webecoist always manages to find new oddities that still blow my mind. The one above is a giant coconut crab. I wonder if they taste any good.


I wondered the same thing - do they taste good?

My daughter and I have been watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations... We just saw one where he went to - hmm - South Pacific? French Polynesia? Tahiti? The Marquesas? All of these - but I forget what he called it.

Anyway - they captured, cooked and consumed one of these amazing crabs. They are apparently "sweet" and rich in actual "coconut oil." The green paste we call "tomalay" in lobsters is present in a special compartment in these crabs - and it is apparently where they store excess coconut oil as well. Everyone on camera called it "delicious." I want some!
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Those things are crazy! But like Shen said, I think this is a repost.

Of course I'm sure a lot of people visiting this site missed it the first time around so no biggy.
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I seem to recall that the giant chinese salamander (after link) makes a sound similar to a crying baby. The translation of the chinese name is "baby fish". This makes it all the more disturbing to consider the fact that they are going extinct because people are eating them.
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It is a repost, I'm afraid, although IMO a really good one.

According to Wikipedia they taste of whatever they've been eating. So you could get food poisoning off of this one. Plus, they're an endangered specie, so the point is sort of moot.
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For some reason I always thought this picture was a fake. Still cool looking though, it would scare the crap out of me if I ever crossed paths with it.
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You know...I wouldn't mind putting a leash on that crab and naming it Pinchey Jr. and taking it for a walk on the beach. It's sure to make all the ladies look your way. ;)
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the coconut crab is delicious. it's meat is so sweet because of their coconut eating habits. heh. they are pretty hard to find and pretty menacing looking.
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The 'Dancing Dude' (Stride Gum) has a video of himself going into the forest and hanging out with these crabs... he has an arachnophobia he's trying to lose.

They're hilarious! Getting into the trash... I love 'em. Plenty more on Wiki about them.
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i'd lose in a fight with one of those. haha. i wonder how often those things get a hold of people? i.e. kids that don't know enough to not get close
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Reading the article linked to this picture, I'm getting a distinct impression of the conservation status of most species. We should reclassify the whole thing as "If it's not human, something humans breed and live off of, or something that breeds and lives off human refuse - consider it incredibly f$%#ing endangered"
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Any one else having "I for one welcome our new crab overlord" flashbacks?
I would run screaming from this. I dont care how harmless they are.
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I live in Guam, and apparently they're wild out here. I haven't seen one yet, but I've only been living here for 3 months. The locals out here put them in their art all the time! I've even seen tattoo's of them.
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Seen the crab before, but the Weta was new to me. It halfway looks like one of the crickets from King Kong, which happened to be directed and produced by New Zelanders, hmmmmm....
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Seen a weta before. The first time I saw one, I had to check to make sure I had not been drinking. Scared the bajeezus out of me though. I then told my nephew that those were just the baby crickets.
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My mom said when she went to Guam back in the 60s or 70s, people had them in makeshift rings in their yards to keep until they were eaten. She said they were the size of dogs, and tasted really good.
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