How NOT to Sign Your Graffiti

Here's a tip for all you graffiti "artists": when tagging public buildings, do not - I repeat - do not sign it with your online identity!

Here's a story of one Melanie Brockway, who used her MySpace profile in her graffiti:

The 23-year old single mother was tracked down by police through stickers mentioning her online identity – Devient Art – which she left by the side of her pieces.

Melanie Brockway’s page on the social networking website details her age, location and what school she attended, allowing officers to piece together her identity. [...]

Since her arrest the unemployed mother-of-two's MySpace page has been accessed, and now bears the banner heading: "Devient Art does not promote illegal graffiti in anyway. It is illegal you will get arrested, and its wrong... i again do do not promote illegal graffiti in anyway."

Her mood has also been set to “p----- off”.


kinda funny that she's called her profile that, when most artists would prefer to actually use the deviant art community as a forum for their work.
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there is a HUGELY popular site called DEVIANT ART where people display their artwork to eachother... the fact that im describing this is stupid... it's so massive that if you DON'T know about it you are new to the internet.

Cops see graffiti with "deviant art" tagged on it and they think "better check myspace"

How did the concept of "Must be a fan of deviant art" get by them? How did it get by the vandal who reportedly CONFESSED... this reaks of something.
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banksys pieces have been selling for more than 5 digits and he usually has a message to tell the people with his art.

this chick on the other hand is just a vandal. spraying houses? right there she just broke a writers law. and i seen her profile and looked at her art. its just horrible, she is NOT a graffiti writer/tagger/"artist". just an artist. with out a writing style she's just basicly a rouge painter.

she gets me soo heated. on the internet! lol

plus SHE CONFESSED! HOW STUPID IS THAT? you CAN'T be charged for vandalism unless you are CAUGHT in the act. they didn't have evidence but she confessed. this sound like attention seeker syndrome.
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No common sense. I just read on a pizza box, "Do not eat the pizza frozen." <-- Now I know who this sentence was for, because I was thinking who doesn't know that.
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Qjet -

quite the opposite actually, the policemen were pretty clever.... she spelled the website's name wrong, so the policemen probably noticed, realized she wasn't just advertising deviant art, and typed in what she actually wrote on google... usually when you type in something screen-namish on google, you get a myspace site, and if you try it, her myspace will be the second link with devient-art spelled wrong. And, since she probably lives in the vicinity, they put two and two together.

The policemen were actually being really smart and doing their job.

Too bad they dont like art...
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We'll I know .:SKTCHâ„¢ and I wish you knew her like I did. She is NOT single she has been with the father of her children for 7 years. She put her myspace on her stickers to get known in town. The more you defame her and place rude comments on her just gives her more fuel for her fire. Grant it she knows what she did was wrong, and is eternally sorry. I just wish on of you who has a flawless and crystal clear record would let us know. No one is perfect. Look at bush, look at all the corruptions in this town. Please. Get a life and stop badgering her for what she chose to do.

She also told me she didn't confess, she was shown evidence, why not own up to what you did and get it in the past. If you ask me, she got what she wanted. She wanted to get known, and you all made her popular.

Also her DEVI3NT ART is the name of her art, she will have her own shop one day and you will all want her art on your clothing and skin.

She is the most talented artist I know.

Ps. Don't get her art DEVI3NT ART , confused with the social art website deviant art. She had the name for her art since 2002 if not earlier.

She brought color to our town not violence and not drugs. This is her first and only arrest, so what else des this tell you?

Id also like to say her children never knew what spray painting is. There young 4 and 3 yrs old, and eve4rything she does os for them despite her recent arrest. People need to stop making a big deal out of this and go catch those dealers selling to school students and ruining lives.

Graffiti is only another way of art.

Just wish you all knew melanie like I know her. You boldly show the only wrong thing she's done in her life. Find out what she's really about.
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She may be the nicest person in the world, but she is still a vandal. No one is perfect, true, but not everyone is putting their "art" where it is not allowed or necessarily wanted. She did not bring drugs or violence into your town, but she did bring vandalism, no matter how pretty. Furthermore, she busted herself, which is not at all responsible or intelligent when one has children they supposedly care about.

Just because a person isn't a drug dealer doesn't make it okay to commit a lesser crime. That's like saying, "Hey, I'm abusing alcohol. At least it's not crack."
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Well melanie knows she was wrong and she vandalized many properties, and she is not going to be the kind of person to just run off and not face her responsibilities. She know that once her court date come whatever the judge gives to her is justice and she's going to to what she has to do. Wether its clean up, community service, or some time. She is very remorceful and she knows what she did was stupid and ignorant and wrong.

She's ready to face her wrongfulness like an adult and put this past her, after she does what she has to do so she can go on with her life.

she told me she will never graffiti illegally again. She's not stopping it...but it will be more concentrated on clothing, paper, and digitally.

She has too much going for her to make this stupid mistake again. Im going to support her through it all. Good and bad.

But she still diserves what's coming to her. Im not sorry for her because she knows its wrong. She should have never done it.

Well I guess God and the judge is next to give her a sentence. Lets hope they don't take her from her children.

They are her best friends, her life the apple of her eye, her world. As well is her boyfriend/ fiance' who lives with her. She is no where near single.

He as well is upset with her, and disappointed. He himself is working a full and part time job, this family isn't on welfare and never even tried, there struggling together as a family.

Either way she needs to grow up just a little for her kids.

Well she learned her lesson.

I know you all will still pass judgement and be ignorant of who she really is. I pray they don't take her from her children. She is nothing with out them.

But she does diserve what is due to her.
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@a friend of mel

As I said, she might be the nicest person on earth. I don't know that, and quite frankly, that isn't the issue.

Your post tells me that you understand where I am coming from with my opinion on the matter. But seriously, what thought process leads a presumably intelligent adult with children to do something like this? It's not just the vandalism, which is stupid enough. Few people want to see their towns vandalized, no matter how pretty, especially when cleaning it up is costly. Even pretty artwork sprayed on a public space makes that place look trashy and even dirty most of the time. Never mind that it isn't her property to decorate.

It's the fact that she put her name to it all knowing that it would eventually lead police to her. She wasn't thinking of her kids when she was being vain and cocky about actually directing the authorities to her web site, and eventually, her doorstep. If she was thinking at all, she was thinking only of herself, and even that thinking was seriously, laughably flawed.

That's like robbing a bank and taking off the mask to blow a kiss at the CCTV camera. Who does that?

You can't defend that. And you know what? It's pretty darned hilarious that anyone could be that clueless. Cruel as it may seem that the internet is laughing at your friend, c'mon, this kind of thing usually only happens on bad sit coms.

That said, I do feel sorry for the kids involved because they don't deserve to be victims of their mother's complete lack of sensible judgement.
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I've never done graffiti, but that seems harsh. Wow.. and don't police have better things to do? Well then again, I'm not a big fan of most graffiti looks AWFUL and cheap on buildings, but the painting style stuff, like mosaics is art.
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I agree with you evil. In some ways. She put more stickers out then spray paint, either way its totally wrong & stupid. Regardless of the cost she will be cleaning any and all of her mistakes.
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I agree with you evil. In some ways. She put more stickers out then spray paint, either way its totally wrong & stupid. Regardless of the cost she will be cleaning any and all of her mistakes.

Despite the vandilism she brought color to our town which is full of drug dealers crack heads thieves and prostitutes.

I think the police should focus on that more and put the graffiti of any one second.

Catch the criminals that could harm out people and the safeness of our once nice town.

Although I see this town going down hill with immagrants and drugs. Graffiti only came with everything else this town has become.
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People say that cops are "wasting their time" dealing with crimes not as serious as violent crime, but in fact, they have to deal with everything from petty crime to more serious crime. And when you consider vandalism, the majority of graffiti you do see is put there by people who do commit serious crimes and have gang ties.

Either way, you can't expect the police to ignore one crime for the sake of another. A good police force deals with it all.
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