Thanksgiving Dinner For The Birds recently threw a Thanksgiving dinner for their feathered friends. They are hoping that seeing these birds in action will win your heart and change your plans for this Thanksgiving by adopting a bird instead of eating one. Regardless of your opinion on eating turkey, you have to admit this turkey dinner is pretty darn cute.

Via Cute Overload

turkeys are about the dumbest animals on earth.
when it rains , they stair up at the sky mouths agape until they drown.
i have no sympathy for them .
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That's actually just an old wise tale, Evilbeagle.

Farmed turkeys have been known to stare at the sky when it rains due to a behavioral trait called tetanic torticollar spasms. But there has been no documented cases that have shown turkeys drowning from staring at the sky. A lot of their intelligence has been lost due to farm breeding. However, WILD TURKEYS are actually pretty intelligent birds. One good way to find that out for yourself is to go turkey hunting with someone. Their eyesite is unbelieveably sharp. They can detect movement at incredible distances (around 100 yards) and they can sense danger quicker than most game animals. I grew up on a turkey farm and on that note, EAT EAT EAT MORE MORE TURKEY! It's yummm-yy!
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I'm two separate creatures when it comes to turkeys.
Part of me thinks "Oh, they're so cute! So funny! I want one!"
The other part of me thinks "mmmmmm. Walking meat!"
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@ matty b Intelligence should have nothing to do with whether or not we eat a creature. Otherwise we'd be eating your grandma with dementia or your sister with downs syndrome.
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you know what other creatures are cute... Lamb. Loves me some Lamb. In fact baby cows are pretty cute too.

Carrots and peas are adorable also.. and I eat those.
Try going through life only eating ugly things, Good luck.
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Well stated. I would be hard pressed to consider any animal ugly... even the ugly ones. That hardly means that if they taste good I won't eat them. Lions eat zebras, humans eat cows. That's nature.

I totally want a pet lamb to name Mint Sauce.
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I think most people do like to eat turkey. Others prefer ham. But I heard about a woman who got a worm in her brain from eating pork. But I think more people eat turkey.
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Undercooked pork, and really, undercooked anything, is asking for parasites or other grisly illnesses. I prefer ham over turkey myself, and even raised pigs for slaughter as a kid, but that is just one of those hard and fast rules about pork - make sure it's cooked or you are cooked.
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It all ain’t as bad as Tim & Elaine. They signed a 12 month lease on a building but weren’t thinking about the economy. Now they have too much Halloween stuff and no customers…
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We've got scores of wild turkeys that roam in packs throughout my semi-rural and largely forested town. There's a family of 20+/- that lives in the woods directly behind my house. I love them, and in fact, I haven't heard of anyone who doesn't love their presence in town. If I found out that anybody was shooting at them, I'd be pissed.

That being said, the best place for a FARMED turkey is in my oven or on the dinner table tomorrow at Thanksgiving. My sister will be hosting our extended family of nine wild turkey lovers to feast on the flesh of one of their domesticated cousins.
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