Female Monkeys Like to Gossip, Too

Think that only women like to gossip? Scientists have just discovered that it's not just human females that love gossip - female macaque monkeys do to!

Scientists spent three months listening to a mixed group of macaques living on Cayo Santiago island off Puerto Rico.

They discovered that, just as with humans, the female of the species was more talkative than the male.

The experts counted the grunts, coos and 'girneys' - friendly chit-chat between two individuals - while ignoring calls specifically used when in the presence of food or a predator.

Female macaques were found to make 13 times as many friendly noises as males. They were also much more likely to chat to other females than males.


Hmph. Science says nothing of the sort about human females. Actually, males talk slightly more, though the amounts are practically the same.

This is one of those myths, like the "thousands" of words Eskimos have for snow, which get propagated even though there's nothing backing it up, and never was.
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My male co-workers need to be studied they talk/gossip way,way more than my female co-workers, but huh isn't it funny though I bet when their wives/gf's want to talk they don't want to...yeah, because they are talked out LOL!!!
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