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What is it? Game 82

All right, all you guessing experts - here's this week's collaboration What is it? blog: can you guess what this strange object is (and don't say trumpet, cuz it's not!)

Place your guess in the comment section - no prize this week so you're playing for bragging rights only.

For more clues, check out the What is it? blog. Good luck!

Update 11/21/08 - the answer is:
A house jack, primarily used for leveling houses and barns, these were also used for lifting vehicles and machinery.

That was too easy! Guessed right, right away, by Jared.

If ya click on my name, it links to a picture of one of these bad boys in action, primarily used for lifting houses from their foundations.
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The answers are partially correct when it's called a house jack. It is also known as a railroad jack used to replace derailed cars on the track.
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It's a screw jack, used for the lifting of heavies.

However, if it was used in a movie to lift up a Wesley Snipes' ride in a drug-fueled urban environment, it'd be...

Screw Jack City.

(they're usually tougher than this)
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It's a medieval medical instrument. Used primarily in conjunction with leaches, a barber (the medical practitioners of the medieval) would use this instrument to attempt to dislodge trolls that may have become lodged in the intestines or bowels, thereby causing a significant imbalance in the humors. After treatment, the patient was instructed to eat one live canary whole to scare the dislodged troll, and to sleep on their side on top of a pile of wheat husks for the next two three nights or until they crossed paths with a tall man carrying a caged yellow cat, in which case the treatment was declared a success and the patient would spend the next two weeks suspended upside down in the town square to re-balance their humors.
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Its a Chestnut Cracker for those REALLY hard ones to open. You put it inside the cone, put a weight on the top and screw it down. Then BAM! You have very little to eat for a lot of work!

(This might be part of a new diet plan!!!!!!)
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its a skrew jack used for supporting machinery, structural moving, general maintenance and applications construction.

a pic!
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In many countries and professions they need too many men to screw in a light-bulb. With this device two men can do the job. A wonderful piece of engineering.
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Forget the jack. It's a paperweight, to be used inside a bookcase, for extra pressure.
Of course also useable for pressure while glueing things, or leveling the shelves when constructing a bookcase.
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Unfortunaly mostly everyone is right. Its an old screw jack. I have 6 of them in the shed. Some of my grandfathers things.
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