Was This House in the Twilight Movie?

Now that Twilight is out and every teenage girls in the whole United States have seen the movie, would someone tell me if this house is indeed in the movie? The chances of me seeing this movie is pretty slim ;)

It's my neighbor's house who rented it out for a movie shoot (rumored to be Twilight): http://www.neatorama.com/2008/07/03/twilight-movie-house/

@ miss.cellania - have you read the books? if your daughter is younger then maybe you should have a look into the fourth book just in case because it might be nsfk (not safe for kids) depending on her age...let's just say there's a lot of excessive(or unnecessary) 'passion'
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That house couldn't be Bella's Dad's house because he lives in a two story house. But what am I saying, I'm sure the movie won't actually stick to the book's facts at all. Stupid hollywood.
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I had never heard of these books until last night when one of the TV network news shows had a feature on the hoopla sorrunding the upcoming film and the promotions for it. OK, so now I am caught up. Sounds like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer style thing which starts out pretty innocent campy fun and then gradually turns up the content with teenagers whoring about and experimenting with witchcraft and (with Buffy anyhow) homosexual relationships. Nice. At least the authoress has figured out a way to print money by the bucketload. Too bad the central character seems rather a harlot.

Then I read stormie's post. I'm glad she defined NSFK. To me that is a reference to the Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps (National Socialist Fliers' Corps), a pre-WWII Nazi paramilitary group. While of historical interest, I would not like my kids involved in that, either.

I am getting old. Straight talk from Sid.
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Yes, this is the house in the opening scene when Bella is leaving Arizona to go to her dad's house. Its in the opening 20 minutes or so of the film.
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I've never heard of the book or movie, but I have to comment on the post because it's grammar is painfully horrendous. I expect better from Neatorama.
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Oops. I fully admit my own ironic grammar mistake. That should be its--no apostrophe. But at least I'm aware of my mistake. Sorry.
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Thanks for the heads up. It's always a good idea to review whatever your kids are reading/watching, especially when they're younger.
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i had never heard of these books until this movie stuff started coming out.. looking at the trailer, it looks like something you would see on the WB... i can almost see scene breaks happening and some text shows up at the bottom of the screen with artist information for the song they just played... come to think of it... this looks very Smallvillish.. ive only seen a few episodes of that and that was only out of curiosity because the guy that played lex looked just like a friend
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Wow, Sid, you have done what only the truly stupid on the interwebs do and that is to shoot your mouth off about something while stating in your comments that you do not actually know what you are talking about (due to only having just heard about said thing) and then making totally incorrect and uninformed assumptions about it and in the end sounding like an old man with his pants around his ankles and shouting for the stupid kids to get off his lawn.
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I grew up on the Chronicles of Narnia, A Wrinkle in Time, and Harry Potter. I won't read this series because it seems like the same damn thing, only with more ripping off Anne Rice.

I've got to say, to the people who are commenting about "nsfk" books... I've been reading at adult level since I was 10. I've read lots of books with "adult" themes and I'm perfectly well adjusted. Not to mention, Sid, some of the best YA books I've read were LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) YA literature. If you think Twilight has some adult themes for YA literature, you should look into some of the books by Ellen Hopkins, Patricia McCormick, or J.T. LeRoy.
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Hey, at least I issued the disclaimer that I hadn't read THESE. I had read & seen the Potter books & movies and watched the Buffy for years. The gist of my comments concerned how *those* gradually morphed into very adult material and how the authoress of this is adopting the same approach. No value judgement, just an observation. If she can sell a lot of books by having the main characters be a romantic teen vampire and his slut girlfriend, more power to her.

What's the big deal? If your 12 year old is ready for Willow being a lesbian, Dumbledore being gay, and whatever the vampire teen "passion" stormie alludes to in these books, go for it.
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Sid, okay. It just bugged me that you said homosexual relationships as though it were as adult of a theme as, say, sex or drugs. I don't think it is, but we're all entitled to think as we will.

Buck, maybe Sarah: A Novel is classified as adult, but it's written at more of a YA level, at least in my opinion.
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I asked my Twilight-expert sister Diana, and she says that yes, that is the set of Renee's house. The books start where she lives in Arizona.
I asked Diana if there were any pictures of the house on the Twilight fansites, but she says that the owners asked for the fans' pictures of the house be taken down. However, I did find this video montage thing with some pictures in it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzEf1censyQ
You can see "Renee's house" from about 0:52 to 1:06, from 1:25 to 1:35, and from 2:03 to 2:05.
Hope that answers it for you!
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Every comment I've heard from people who aren't tweens that don't know any better says that the books suck something awful.
No idea why this movie is getting so much hype...UGH I just know we're gonna be bombarded with at least 2 more of these suckfests.
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Whoops! I should probably add some notes to that comment...
*Very minor spoilers for the first chapter of Twilight follow. In fact, I wouldn't even call them spoilers (There are bigger spoilers in the other comments on this page). But, if you are anti-spoiler of any kind, consider yourself warned.*
Renee is Bella's mom. (In case you don't know, Bella is the main character of Twilight). The book begins with Bella moving from her mom's house in Arizona to her dad's house on the Olympic Peninsula. This is why there are cacti on the set. Also, this is probably why filming was so short; very little of the story actually takes place at Renee's house. The majority of what does take place there is in flashbacks/memories.
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LisaL, every comment I've seen regarding KFC's chicken says that it's awful. Of course I was at PETA's webiste at the time. Where did you get your sampling of opinions regarding these books?
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sid, sounds like you may need to get in touch with your own sexuality. look as far as ted haggard to see that most homophobes are hiding secrets.
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Forget adult content, kids shouldn't read the books because Edward's a stalker and Bella's a twit who literally has no existence outside Edward when he goes away for a bit (blank pages...just blank pages. Oh, and Bella drops any plans for college or a career or a life when she decides she wants to die and become a vampire before she gets too old.) and together they're the picture of codependent unhealthiness presented as awesome, fabulous twoo luv.

What's scary are the Twilight moms who adore Edward even though they should be old enough to recognize the "unhealthy relationship!" warning signs.
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kids are stupid. its a barely raunchy book, a married couple have sex. twice.
and then a bit more later.
also overcensoring your children is not always alright

Bella's not a twit, she's intelligent
and edwards life was even more empty, as he tells it

to both of you:
kids should read more books, as a recent youth i kno reading books that went a little more mature didn't make me want to be like those books
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@Tempscire: True that. Not to mention that it seems to be totally okay for Edward to disassemble Bella's car engine when he's afraid she might leave the house at night, physically restrain her on multiple occasions, and generally being an emotionally manipulative, overcontrolling creep because he's so utterly obsessed with his girlfriend that he'll violate almost any of her wishes simply because HE thinks it's best for her. I'm honestly scared for any girl who professes that she wants "her own Edward" for a boyfriend.

Back on topic: yes, that looks like it's supposed to be Renee's house. Nice!
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not to mention that one time when the cops got called out to their place and they hauled him in, but let him go because she didnt want to press charges... then 2 weeks later they had a shootout.... oh wait.. this isnt the COPS website...
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Byrd- Pretty much everywhere that mentions the movie or books. Friends, family, websites, etc etc....
Everything I've heard about the books, most of the people who dislike it state that it comes off like a bad fanfic. It's poorly written, very predictable, and just not a good read.

And as for the KFC comment... KFC is rancid... screw everything that PETA says... KFC is just a big bucket of greasy insta-diarrhea.
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I wanted to chime in with the would-be book reviewers. My girlfriend has read all 4 books and as an avid reader (and admitted fan of trashy books), she rates the books right alongside the romance novels she loves so much. Only with vampires. Somewhere between Nora Roberts and Anne Rice (only apparently a lot tamer than Anne Rice).

Also it seems like when people want to shield children from this stuff, they forget what kind of stuff they were into when they were kids. Unless older people really did lead puritanical lives until they hit 18...
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So, as an English teacher AND a person who has ACTUALLY read the books, I felt compelled to make a few comments:

1) These books are NOT horribly written. If my students were to ask me to direct them in a book choice, and they enjoyed this type of book (teenage relationships, vampires, or both), then I would suggest the series to them. My reluctant readers have completed 600 page books in a matter of days. It's very hard to find fault in that.

2) There are definitely people on here that are judging this book based on hearsay. TRY READING THE BOOK yourself before spreading condemnation.

**Spoiler alert**
3) I actually felt as if this book did a good job of establishing some boundaries for teenagers: none of the characters drink alcohol, there's very little in the way of sex for the first 2 books (a little more in the third, then even more in the 4th... but almost all in the context of marriage), and loyalty is a very strong theme throughout. There are even deadly enemies who are able to resolve their disputes, accept one another, and work together towards fighting a greater evil.

4) Yes, there ARE codependency issues, but hopefully people have the capability to determine what's over-the-edge and what isn't. Then, if a child is reading the series, his or her parents can have a conversation about the unhealthy aspects of the main characters' behavior (aside from the whole vampire issue).

Just my two cents... take them for what they're worth!

Oh, and if I make any grammar mistakes, I apologize... I didn't know that comment posting on the fly was supposed to be proofread with a fine toothed comb. Sheesh.
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The books are twinkies- junk food. It's teen romance of some sort. Bella is the new girl and Edward is the cute guy. She becomes obsessed with him and her whole world revolves around him; he is a vampire with victorian morals, and he sparkles (which is the whole reason I read the books). She's got hormonal issues and he's holding off until vamping or marriage. *shrugs* Hardly a harlot's love story, Sid.

As for book four, I'd be more concerned with a younger kid (junior high age or younger) reading about the GRAPHIC consequences of the couple's passion than with the passion. The passion is non-existant. They kiss, then the story jumps to afterwards. It's implied that there are relations between them, but for all we know they could have been playing scrabble all night.
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Thank you, Jen, for your insight. I agree that most of the vitriol against these books is from people who have not read them. In fact, most of the people here who have posted negative comments about the books admit to having never read them. I find that to be the epitome of ignorance.

We live in a time when adults have to struggle to get kids to do anything but watch TV, play video games, or send endless text messages (in horribly mangled english) and people are are critcizing those that read? Seriously? Get a new hobby, honestly, people. Criticizing people's choice in books is as useful as people's choice in ice cream flavors.
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I've read it! It's pretty bad, the writing is atrocious, word usage is abused, Bella's a one-dimensional Mary Sue and Edward walks a fine line between stalker and a one-dimensional Marty Stu.

The fact that grown women obsess over these books to the point of stalking the actors is terrifying.
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LOL at Sid and his bitter, moralizing curmudgeonry. I can tell he hasn't gotten as much poo-nay-nay as he'd like to in life.

I snuck peaks at porno mags when I was a kid and I turned out fine.

Guess what? Sex doesn't kill or pevert people! Its natural!
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Hey, I haven't tried heroin or snorting glue either... heh heh.

Again, for the complete morons out there like the aptly named Byrd Brain ... I just found it interesting that it is becoming a common strategy for books änd TV shows for "young adults" to "grow with the readers/viewers" as the series develops. A perhaps unintended consequence is when a 12 year old "shows up late" and reads a bunch in a row (much faster than they took to write), the parents might not realize that the intended audience is getting older with every book. Read between my crotchety barbs and understand the main point I was trying to make.

So, no I am not out to burn books or ban them or any such nonsense. The authoress has identified a market and provided a product to fill it. Kudos to her. Parents ultimately are responsible for what influences their kids so they need to maintain vigilance in the goings on in their kids'lives, which includes reading. If the protagonist is a submissive emotionally dependent tramp, just be aware of it. Hah hah, I couldn't help that last line... Loosen the bone a little folks ... you're acting like I'm calling your *own* kids names. Bella is a FICTIONAL character.
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Sid, even though you mention me in your rebuttal, nothing you spoke about speaks directly to anything *I* was talking about (which was that the quality of these books in completely subjective). Who's the moron, here?

Not all "I don't need to try it to know it's bad" arguments work. Reading books is not akin to substance abuse and the deleterious effects of heroin and other drugs are not a matter or opinion but fact.

The author of these books did not identify a niche and write a series of books in order to exploit the emotions of teen girls in order to get rich nor lure them in to some sort of R rated book trap as you suppose. She wrote a story as a personal project, was encouraged to get it published, and she did. Meyer's intended audience was really herself and a few friends at the most. Her publisher was the one that targeted it to young adults. Books one and four were supposed to be all there was to it, but the publisher asked her to write two more in order to draw it out and make it longer (and more profitable). No one was trying to pull a fast one here.

I could care less about you saying bad things about Bella. Yes, she is a fictional character. I didn't agree with the protagonists for much of the book. But it sounds as if you are making the author out to be some sort of con artist intent on destroying the morals of our youth. You say that TV shows and books aim to do this and that. Books and TV shows can do nothing since they are not living, thinking objects/beings. The people behind them are the actors here, and when you ignorantly cast aspersions about the motivations and intentions of people that you know nothing about you come off as a complete fool (worse actually).

You tell me to read between your crochety barbs in order to understand your point, but that only works when your points are well presented in the first place, which they aren't. You enter discussions with very superficial knowledge and try to make a point that doesn't belong because it's based off of freaking Buffy and whatever else and Twilight is not Buffy! Do you form all of your opinions based off of heresay ignorance?
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I'm 42 and I enjoyed the book. Yes it's juvenile, but it was a fun read. My teenage daughter had read it and loved it so I picked it up too. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie, I hope it's as good.
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I have read about this movie and today have seen it. Oh it was a experience of a life time. I feel like Harry porter in action. Pretty dreamy some time. With lot of action. If the loving vampire is blood seeking it will be more attractive not much horror as expected but romance was extravagant and pleasure to watch. http://www.80millionmoviesfree.com is releasing it fantastic love story.
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Wow, the author of the original story just asked if this house was in the movie or not...

(sorry, I can't answer as I don't know the movie or the books and after all this I'm not sure I want to know!)
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@ Jen

Very good points all around! (I especially enjoyed the last bit, grammar nazi's are silly.) I read the first book myself and didn't care for it much but your arguments for it are well supported.

Also anyone else read the books (I only made it through the first one) There's a homosexual relationship in the series? Wut?
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YUP! thats the house! Dead on, fake cacti and all.

@seekshelter - Edward (the main guy) was turned into a vamp in 1918, at the age of 17, so as the vampire thing goes he will never physically age. he will always "look 17" (even tho the actor is really 22).

there is a funny scene in the movie, where it shows some art in his family home. One is all the graduation caps they have. Edward and his 3 "siblings" have graduated high school many many many times. He keeps going back, and they move around to keep under the radar.

The reviews are 2.5 /5 usually, but after reading the book and seeing the movie its closer to a 4.
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