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Monty Python Strikes Back

(YouTube link)

John Cleese, Eric Idle, and the rest of the Monty Python gang have decided to fight back against the unauthorized uploading of their material to YouTube. -via Metafilter

@ NotMichael

Thirty year old jokes ?
I'm 49 now and was trying to convince my parents to let me watch back in my mid teens !

You kids today don't know your born .... when I was growing up in a shoebox .... etc etc ;P
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This is great news. I was very very sad when John Cleese tried out his pay-to-view model, and though I'm the biggest Python fan I know, I never paid him a penny for that.

It's great that this also includes new interviews with all five remaining members, and even private home movies.

Neatest thing I've heard all week.
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Wow! Someone in the entertainment business finally gets it! Sure they are in it for the money, but they're doing it the smarter way.
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I was dreding watching the video, Cleese seems the sort of bloke to whine endlessly about youtube videos.

I'm glad I was put wrong.
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I could be wrong but those interviews could be from other programs. The people who own the rights probably just had someone make this up fast. Pure speculation though.
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You may be right, Lemon. Cleese's setting was used when he voiced opinions on the election a few months ago. Unless that's his default interview zone, yeah, probably piecemeal.

Love the storyboarding scene of Sir Robin's galloping up the hill!
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Finally, after nearly two decades of internet surfing, I see clearly the true purpose of the internet. (Not pr0n? or "Do you like dogs?" -see Jon Stewart.)

The Monty Python Channel on YouTube sanctifies the web and exalts Monty Python as is fitting and proper. The scripture has been fulfilled.

(Sayeth thou:) Amen.
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I'm a huge Python fan... I have all of the Flying Circus on DVD as well as the The Holy Grail and various other stuff. It's great to see them make it available online. I hate paying for media, but the Python stuff is so great, I'm not the least bit perturbed.
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That's the smartest thing they could've done. Instead of going to the lawyers and suing everyone willy nilly they instead decided to prop themselves up on YouTube. Good thinking.
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This is really smart! If all of the other celebrities and artists who complain about their stuff getting ripped off just tried to make money creatively like this, the youtube world would be a much better place.
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Dear Sir, I wish to complain in the strongest possible terms about the video which you have just broadcast, about the loyal fans who have been "ripping you off for years". Many of my best friends are YouTubers and only a few of them are transvestites. Yours faithfully, Brigadier Sir Charles Arthur Strong (Mrs.) PS I have never kissed the editor of the Radio Times.
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