Bike Hero

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Bicycle + Guitar Hero = Bike Hero. This took some work! Kevin says he went through many takes before getting it right. The music is Prisoner of Society by The Living End. -Thanks, David Ross!

I didn't think I was going to watch the whole thing. That was pretty awesome. It was a pretty original idea that worked well and kept me interested. I'll have to watch it again to really see where they go. I was just watching to make sure they hit all the notes. "YOU ROCK"
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well, as long as they've got the time and the money, they might as well do something artistic and productive. i would definitely say this fits the bill. what a great video.
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That was so amazing. I loved the activation at the end, the lights and such. Amazing stuff.

Only one problem: His path was totally off. He missed out on at least 5k because of that, and some extra for missing the squeezes.
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Rock Rook - Bitter much?

It's a great video, though I'm pretty sure it's fake. There's definitely some cuts in there & if the camera is meant to be on the guys helmet or head then it just doesn't seem to move right... it's hard to explain but it's not right.

& the handlebars/hands seem added in for alot of it, but that could just be the effect of the lighting I guess.

/hate to sound cynical.
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