A Roomba Riding Cat

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You may think that this Roomba-riding cat is cute. I'm more concerned about the implications of cats learning how to use human technology. What, do you think that cats will be loyal to us when the revolution comes? As Jonah Goldberg has long warned, cats will turn on us without the slightest hesitation like Kent Brockman before our alien ant overlords.

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That's hilarious! I wonder if the cat's tail could end up under the Roomba; true hilarity would certainly ensue.

That reminds me of a time I was helping my Dad split some wood on his acreage. He had an electric fence set up to allow the horses to graze an area of the yard, and one of us put a log next to one of the electric fence posts. One of the younger & tamer barn cats came out to see what we were doing, and hopped up on the log. Next thing we knew he was batting at the post, working his way up. He finally got to the wire and laid a paw across it, then POW! got the shock of his life. He jumped three feet in the air and took off like a shot back to the barn. For the cat lovers out there, he was not hurt at all. The fencer gives a good jolt, but at a low enough amperage that it only gave him a good scare.
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There's even more links from that vid, like the presumably Japanese video of a cat riding it's bed which was placed on top of a Roomba. He almost rolls off on aggressive changes of direction.
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If you fear cats mastering our technology, make sure you check them for pockets. The first step on the path to oblivion is cats getting pockets.
Think about it. If they have pockets they can carry money and keys. Plus, I don't like the idea of my cat having a place on his person (person?) to hide things.
My wife and I both have a pact; If we find that one of our cats has developed or made any form of pocket, it must be destroyed.
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I have two cats and one Roomba. The older kitty climbs up and away from it. The younger kitty stalks it -- but never pounces.

They both contribute the hairload that the Roomba makes its life's work.
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awful cute, but what an inefficient machine! Just going around and around, hitting the same spot multiple times and other spots not at all. Must use a lot more electricity than doing it yourself.
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Anyone remember Steve Martin's stand up gig about kitty stealing his paycheck...see what's happening, this is the beginning of the end!!! be afraid!!
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Oh no, I actually laughed at a cat video here. Well, not out loud.

At least that one spot on the floor is super clean. That is a pretty useless machine.
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