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Worst Lawyer Ad Ever

Maybe it's just me, but I think the whole stuffy lawyer image is ok. Stereotypical attorneys may not be people I'd want to hang out with outside of the court room, but they sure know their way around loopholes. That being said, I just don't want an attourney that looks like he just fell out of a Little John video with his sweet Mercedes and Jamacian belt buckle. Oh well, I guess if you need help getting something expunged from your record, he's your man.


I'm thinking this is too hilar to be true, then I do a search on the Martindale-Hubble Directory (of attorneys) and ka-ching, a hit!

Same name and area code as on the biz card, and judging by the notation on the listing, "Visibility Rankings #9 out of 2,107 lawyers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana #2,640 out of 888,801 total lawyers Overall", Gigglesugar and Neatorama have been ver, very good to Mr. John!
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I like the list of what he can help you with: Major drug charges, serious felonies, post conviction relief (i.e., appeals), etc.

Woogie, I don't know about Louisiana (where this guy apparently practices) specifically, but most state licensing boards require "this is an advertisement" to be prominently displayed in any ad for legal services.
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I checked the Louisiana State Bar, there is a Mr. Peter John, licensed to practice law with the O'Neal law firm. They defend "serious" murder and drug charges. Being a lawyer, I fear for the future of my profession.
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Despite how ridiculous this is, how many other lawyers are specifically working for/targeting young urban potential clients? Taking a hilarious story and making it serious but there's a ridiculous amount of blacks in jail for things they shouldn't be in jail for..if the stuffy lawyers want to work to prevent this I'd advise them to join Peter on his hood.
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I don't see anything wrong with this. I've seen ads for biker lawyers. He's just appealing to people who maybe don't want a stuffy white guy representing them.
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You know, I initially thought, "Well, who are we to say what's the correct way for a lawyer to dress and advertise"? but come on. It's ridiculous. Enough with te PC BS already. We laugh at things that are outside the norm and lawyers like that are not the norm. If you can laugh at fat dudes with mullets and spandex-clad grandmas you can laugh at pimped out lawyers, too. That being said, I like how he doesn't ASK you if you need a good lawyer. He COMMANDS you to need a good lawyer.
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Unfortunately this guy has a market. The kind of people he is likely to represent are the kind of people who would look at that ad and think it's great.
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I'm always amazed at the stupid racist comments that follow posts of anything related to African American culture (look back at the comments on the "ghetto wedding" for another example). Not every black male is a convicted felon, and you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. He may look a complete mess (no doubt about that), but that doesn't mean he can't be educated enough to serve you or anyone else better than the next guy. And btw, when you say "mon" trying to sound Jamaican, you sound like an idiot.
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It does not matter what a person looks like, what matters is if he can do the job. Peter John has done so much for my family. He shined when other lawers were afraid. Thank You Peter John Thank You
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