You are QWOP, our small nation's sole representative at the Olympic Games. Use the QWOP keys to move your legs. Ideally, you will run 100 metres ...but our training program was underfunded. Remember, it's not whether you win or lose.

Really, don't go into this game expecting to win. I'm serious. Link -via Everlasting Blort


My progress:

49m and a hurdle

74m and tha same dreaded hurdle

97.8 - WHAT do you mean by that?


I almost messed things up in the last meter... I swear, if this goddamit QWOP guy had felt, you guys would not be reading this right now... broken keyboard and screen... :-)
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It baffles me how anyone can make that guy go. No combination of button presses produces any forward movement. The farthest I've now gone is 2.4, and that's only because I fell over forward and flopped before I hit my head.
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After 15 minutes of pure concentrated effort, I was able to reenact the twit race, ministry of silly walks and a mid-stroke victim all in about 1.3 meters. Win!
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While I certainly cannot claim to have figured anything valuable out, by sheer happenstance, I discovered that if you end up doing the splits with the left leg fully extended in front of you, there's enough stability to complete the race using only the "Q". You look awful, and it takes forever, but it can be done.
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the secret is to get him down to his knees and ankles and scooch him along using only "q" and "w". I finished the whole thing in 12 minutes.
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