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No One Was Looking For Him, So Man Sues!

Poor Anthony Michaels. When told him that long lost school friends were looking for him, he signed and paid ... only to find out that no one was! Now, he's suing for being a scam:

When told user Anthony Michaels last Christmas Eve that his former school chums were trying to contact him, he pulled out his wallet and upgraded to the premium membership that would let him contact long-lost fifth-grade dodge-ball buddies and see if his secret crush from high school had looked him up online.

But once he'd parted with the $15, Michaels learned the shocking truth: No one he knew was trying to contact him at all.'s come-on was a lie, and he'd been scammed.

At least that's what the San Diego resident alleges in a lawsuit filed against one of the net's original social networking sites, whose banner ads featuring unflattering yearbook pictures remain a staple around the internet. If the lawsuit, which is seeking class action status, succeeds, it could raise the minimum standards of honesty for online businesses. "Upon logging into his Gold Membership profile in order to view the classmate contacts … Plaintiff discovered that in fact, no former classmate of his had tried to contact him or view his profile," the complaint reads. "Of those users who were characterized ... as members who viewed Plaintiff's profile, none were former classmates of Plaintiff or persons familiar with or known to Plaintiff for that matter."


Finally, I have rec'd lots of email from them without even visiting the site. If they are providing a service that give incorrect data, they should be held responsible.
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I think it's rather frivolous. Dude, get over it. Some people he didn't know clicked on his profile, and Classmates sent him an invitation to upgrade.
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Great I hope he wins. was ok when it first started, but it's pulling all sorts of shennanigans like sending those fake someone's been looking for you. What a low trick - shame on
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I also think he should win, even though most people assume these sites are scams in the first place, it's still a sick and dishonest way to advertise, dating sites do the same thing, they say "sign up for free!" Then they keep telling you "User blondebabe69 has sent you a message, join gold to read" etc. etc.
Of course once you send the money you find out none of those users exist...
I wouldn't ever fall for such scams, but they should still be prosecuted, (as well as "free" ringtones that cost $20/month).
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I hope he wins. Classmates has e-mailed me about people "signing my guestbook" and when I looked, they were random people who didn't attend school with me. Sure, they could have done it by accident, but the cynic in me says that Classmates was scamming me.
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As DOJ and emzee point out, it's truly amazing that continues to exist when there are a dozen (or more, depending on your school, industry, etc.) of sites that offer more functionality and better experience for free. Inconceivable.
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I received many of these emails from them and almost joined for just that reason. Jerks... Especially for someone like me who had such a difficult time in school, the thought that someone might have cared enough to write me was compelling. (I knew it was a scam because I knew no one would *really* write me... *grin*)
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Facebook lies to you, too. They send all sorts of messages like that to get you to click on a link. It's just something you have to recognize as a bald-faced lie.
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Whatever you do don't ask to be put on their email list.
No where on these messages is there a way to cancel them like 99.9% of newsletters out there. I went to their site
figuring I could cancel from there. Wrong. I sent them an email and asked them to stop sending the mail. I believe I still get their newsletters but my MailWasher filters them out now so don't see their headers. At least I didn't send them any money. It's a shame since their site is a pretty good idea.
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If you really want classmates to find you, just set up a free profile at -- and put up a pic of yourself that's got your email addy superimposed on it (ala MSPaint or Photoshop).

Within two months, I got REAL email from the real people I actually wanted to get in touch with again after 25 years, and it didn't cost a dime.

Screw and their 'gold membership' crap!
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It's been running this scam for years and most people do know it's a scam..not only to pay that much for contact with other people but the whole 'someone sent you a message' thing. Even not knowing their scammy history I knew it wasn't right. I kept getting these notices until I finally found my way to the part where I could unregister. I've heard of many complaints that even after paying members unregister after being scammed that their cards would continue to be charged. Frivolous maybe but it would be great if some judge decided to ban from lying since they've been functioning like that for too long.
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Facebook doesnt lie to us... it does contain some misleading ads though. I really am annoyed with ads like these though. Usually i find the suer a total idiot but I'm rooting for this one.
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Good for him. is a rotten bunch of scam artists. Without going into details, NEVER give them ANY contact information or ANYTHING, don't even give them the time of day. You will regret it.
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I'veotten those ads to saying the classmates are looking for me. I figured it was just something everyone got. It's false advertising though and I hope he wins. I also have gotten those "fill this thing out" and see who has a crush on you. After wasting my time they finally asked for money and at that point I gave up.
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What cave did this guy crawl out of?

The internet is a place where if you click on a banner ad its something you have to pay for, and whoever gets paid will tell you anything because there are 100s of similar services elsewhere.

It has been like that since al invented the internet

I hope Anthony knows he was getting scammed, and is just trying to make a point.
I`ll support that, otherwise he just deserves a darwin(I know he didnt die.. just a figure of speech)
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I get tons of crap from that website... and I've never even signed up for it or clicked on one of their banner ads! Either someone's using my e-mail address on the site or they're spamming... but it's not fun to have to clean so much crap out of the inbox, in any case.
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