Last Wish

11-year-old Brenden Foster is dying of Leukemia. He has already surpassed the two weeks doctors estimated he had left. Too weak to leave his bed, Brenden confided his last wish to a crew from a local TV station.
In the last days of his life, it was a homeless camp, namely Nickelsville, that captured the boy's heart.

"I was coming back from one of my clinic appoints and I saw this big thing of homeless people, and then I thought I should just get them something," he said.

Brenden is too ill to leave his bed and feed the homeless. He walked into an emergency room last December and hasn't walked since.

But Brenden's wish will not go unfulfilled. A group planned to gather in his honor on Friday night to make sandwiches and deliver them to the homeless. (with video) -via reddit

What an amazing kid. What gets me though is why it takes something as tragic as this young, beautiful boy's case to remind us of the plight of others less fortunate.

Wouldn't the best tribute to him be to do what he has done automatically, without people like Brenden we're prone to forgetting. My love and gratitide goes to him and everyone like him in the world that take an active role is making the planet we live and love on a better place for EVERYONE.
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This story made my day. I was diagnosed with something that is, while not life threatening, going to affect me my whole life. I was crying my eyes out, going through my feed reader, and I read that story. It made me feel really selfish. He really is a treasure.

There is something we lose when we go from being a child to an adult. At his age, I had four operations, one lasting six hours. I also had physical therapy that required them to pick dead skin off my wound. Looking back on it, I am amazed at how I handled it, because it makes me cry as an adult. It's like children aren't burdened by the minutiae that we let control our lives. They see life as something that is lived. The ambition and doubts that plague us as adults aren't as present. Sure, they have their worries as well, but they seem far stronger and better suited to take life's troubles head on. As we grow, we become more scared.

I wish we could hold onto that strength as adults instead of letting it kill us. Life is only beautiful if we make it that way. If only we all took one hour a week to volunteer some place, or even took some time and opened our minds to compassion, then this world would really be a better place. But that's not going to happen, and people are always going to hate. We all only need to hold out hope that someday love and trust will be prevalent.

I think I need a tissue.
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Well i do not want to lose time. I have contacted over 1 thousand reiki practitioners to send healing to this child.
I am also looking for 1 million reiki practitioners to heal global causes. If you know of any please let me know at thank you
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Is that how many Reiki practitioners it takes to cure Leukemia then, 1000? How many for a cold, 'cos my nose is blocked and my eyes are streaming this morning.
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@ Gail Pink

You read my mind. It's sad when someone so young is dying that they can prove how blind we can be sometimes to the plight of others.
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