Honda Develops Assisted Walking Apparatus

Honda has developed a machine that helps disabled people walk and workers who must kneel a lot to avoid strain on their joints. Guided by one's own motions, it provides partial bodyweight support. Follow the link for more pictures and a video.


This is amazing! Go Honda for actually giving a crap about your employees. I'm impressed. I hope this technology can become more widespread. If it can be made slightly more attractive, I bet my grandmother (who has terrible knees) would love this.
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Maybe.. Maybe Honda is amazing for actually giving a crap about their employees..

Or maybe.. Maybe Honda just wants its employees to work even longer shifts and not be able to sue them.
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Yeah, they won't be able to sue them because they won't be able to be injured and they can work longer shifts because it's not as physically difficult and the extra money made is then...ok I give up. Please make your argument against this make sense.

Anyway, all I could think was: Jewel's Boot Is Made For Walking.
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you could vibrate that seat cushion and increase sales dramatically -seriously though - I know Asian men are in theory less well-endowed, but I would squat my balls with that design... great for old folks gardening, and of course for America's Obese, who need help getting into Walmart.
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So - it's basically a robot arm with a clever biological manipulator on the end?

Actually, I don't think that at all, but it's too good a cheap-shot to miss. Well done Honda!
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I used to think if nothing else, at least the last bastion of American pride, it's laziness, would be ours forever, but now even the Japaneses are beating us at that!!!!! Hurry someone invent a way to fart without having to strain any abdominal muscles!!!!
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Though it may not happen soon enough that I could pilot one, I hope to live to see the day when this technology is extrapolated into Mechwarrior style walking battle robots.

I for one welcome our new cyborg overlords
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I was a motorcycle mechanic and these would have made my job a lot easier. Try changing the rear tire of a Honda Goldwing precariously jacked up on the ground while crouching.
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Agreed, for certain repetitive motions, aid with lifting and any other myriad of real reasons it makes a lot of sense.
The one thing I want to know though, is if you can get designer codpieces. If you can market designer cell phone straps then I'm sure everyone will have designer codpieces on their AWD's in the future.
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