Things You Probably Don't Need #3

I should be the world's biggest advocate for this thing (the "Slanket") - we live in an old, drafty house and my husband pretty much makes it a game to see how low he can set the thermostat before I complain.

But this just seems a little too out there, even for me. If it works for you, though, you can get it here in 10 fashion colors to match your home decor: chocolate, pink lavender (yeah, that's one color), Texas tea, Hunter green, beige, Alaskan blue, limoges, moss green, castlerock and ruby wine. Apricot is no longer available (sorry Tennessee!!).

What do you guys think? A little odd, or total genius?

What's the difference between that and a blanket? The sleeves... It looks useless to me... I don't think I could walk with that, so why not use a blanket anyway?
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I tried making a homemade version of that because I'm so dang cheap. I didn't realize at the time that it had a neck hole. Drat.

By the way, it is FAR better than just a blanket for resting on the couch while watching t.v. or reading. Your arms are free, and the rest of you stays warm while the house is freezing. (I'm trying to save some money, being so dang cheap and all.)
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That looks amazing! I LOVE being under a blanket.. and since it goes on over your head like a shirt (at least I think it does.. I can't 100% tell from the pictures), then you don't have to worry about keeping it wrapped all the way around you (because I always am having to re-wrap a blanket behind my back whenever I shift my position). Plus it's all nice and long to keep your feet covered!
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I got one of these for Christmas last year, and it's great. You can have your book/laptop out and wrap the blanket over your shoulders and all the way around to the back of your neck. Very Warm.
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I got one of these for Christmas last year. I /love/ it. It's perfect for staying warm on the couch and still using my laptop easily (and without feeling like my laptop is about to slip off my lap).

My sister calls them "army blankets". :)
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I can attest to the power of the slanket. I purchased this for my wife, she has not gone a night without using it. She loves it since she can cuddle up and still do work, grade papers, eat ice cream or play Wii. The sleeves and length are just long enough so that nothing is exposed. If you have someone in your life that is always cold, buy this! Stay away from the infomercial "snuggie" it is of a lesser quality!
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I've actually had one of these for over a year now... I was always complaining about my cold office, especially how I hated typing because my wrists would become exposed and freeze. So my boyfriend found this online, and I swear, it's a big deal to me, and I very much appreciate it.
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I got one of these for my wife and my sister in law last year for Christmas and they both love them.

Definitely a great gift.
They were SOLD OUT last year, so buy one early.
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These are so easy to make; I figured out how and made a set of instructions. The project itself is shown on my 2006 projects page:
It's about 1/3 of the way down. There's a link to a PDF file with instructions.
(Here's hoping my server has enough bandwidth!)
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I definitely feel like I need one, Neatorama. I'm one of those people who are cold all of the time. My thermostat is set at 73, and I'm wearing a hemp sweatshirt over my clothes, and still freezing... Plus they're super epic looking. I want one.
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I love it! I like the idea more than the product, no need to buy that particular one, but anything that popularizes turning down the thermostat has got to be a good thing.
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My wife and I were just talking about how nice it would be to have bed linens made out of fleece, and now I see this. She practically lives in fleece clothing through the colder months, and while I think this may be a bit over the top, she will absolutely love it. Already purchased on this morning from the website. I bet it winds up being her favorite Christmas gift.
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I think it looks pretty darn comfy. I got a blanket somewhat similar to this a few years back. Except mine had snap buttons on it, and would snap up around you to form a robe/blanket kind of thing, SO comfy, specially since we were living in a very poorly insulated house that got extremely cold during the winter.
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Wow! I'm impressed that it has so many backers! I will definitely admit the warmth would be nice, but it just looks so weird. I can't get past hanging out on my couch in a giant sack.
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My wife made something similar to this out of fleece a couple of years ago. She kept talking so much about how warm and comfortable it was that I had her make one for me. We keep our house on the cool side in the winter and this thing is great when laying around on the couch in the evening.
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My mate and I got Jumpin Jammerz... Nothing like fleece feety jammies! We even sleep with the window open at night to make it even colder.
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I would actually use one around the house but on a recent "Snuggi" commercial, they showed a whole family wearing them in the bleachers of some sort of sporting event! The women actually looked semi ok, the man, not so much.
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GENIUS. This could be the Christmas present I get my mother. It keeps your feet toasty warm but your hands are free for the crossword puzzle, but your arms and upper body also still covered. This is as awesome as ball-in-a-cup.
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The slanket is great! I dont think it has a "head hole" like someone above was describing, but the sleeves are perfect. Its a nice heavy, warm fabric and its big, (long enough to cover my 6'5" frame.)

It is really a great invention. Everyone who sees it at our house asks about it, and usually ends up getting one after using it.

Its not for walking, though. You would stumble over it as if you had a bathrobe that was too long.

the only upgrade it may require is a pocket for the remote! :)
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the commercial for this is hilarious. in the style of all commercials for new fangled items - it demonstrates how hard, if not downright impossible, it is to use a 'regular' blanket.
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What's wrong with just wearing normal but warm clothes? perhaps also wear thermal underwear ( )

You could then actually leave the house without looking stupid.
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I had something similar to that but it was more of a sack (in fact that's what it was called)

it had little holes in the bottom for your feets and fit on the top like pajamas. It was really comfy and warm.
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Oops, accidentally hit "submit"

Anyway...I can't believe the number of people who apparently would reject this thing based on how it looks. You're not on stage when you're lounging at home. You'd be warm and comfy, and isn't that the greatest gift of all?
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