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The White Obama and the Black McCain

Image: Tor Myhren / Grey NYC via thecoolhunter

Grey NYC's Creative director Tor Myhren came up with this brilliant poster to bring into the forefront what a lot of people have been thinking of, but couldn't bring themselves to say in polite company: the issue of race in the 2008 US Presidential election.

Regardless of what you think of the candidates, I'm sure you can marvel at the photoshoppery of turning Obama and McCain into persons of another race: Link - via Miss Cellania

At a glance, we only had handful of (and not to mention, mild) political posts - so on the eve of this historic election, let me ask you this: what would you say to someone who's on the fence on either candidates? Why should I vote for Barack Obama or John McCain?

If you think our country's security is important, then you should vote for McCain.

But if you want to be rich, you should vote for Obama. (Because if he has his way, everyone who makes more than minimum wage will be considered rich).
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My roommate gave me the insight of "its better to stick with the devil you know versus the devil you don't." And what I've been gathering, is many with a decent degree in college, who makes a decent salary, will be taxed more to be given to those with less income-- not just those who make $250,000 or above. Why make wealth if the government is just going to take it and even you out with others who don't do as well?
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Obama intends to raise taxes for the mildy rich. This will affect me because the people I work for make this and will not be able to fund my work. It will cause small business owners to tighten up leading to a smaller job market if I need another job. Even though I don't make enough money to be under Obama's new tax incentive, it would still have a big effect on me.
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Obama will be getting my vote, based on the simple fact that we need a change of direction. Had the last 8 years been flushed away by a Democrat, then I would probably vote the other way, or not at all.
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There's a reason that the world has a keen interest in this race. The world needs a different direction than the failed policies of the past 8 years that have created more enemies than allies. If you want a country reenergized and the world on our side, vote Obama.
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Alex, you should do research on the issues, and the candidates' stands on them, and vote for the candidate who most closely represents your own stand.

Also, not that it matters much, but there ar 2 or 3 other candidates on the ballot.
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It is a silly thing to fear being taxed in the future. Most American workers can never hope to make in excess of $200k a year, so it's foolish to base your vote on the off chance that one day, you might just be one of the lucky ones. Vote for today. Today we need someone who is clever, strong, confident and has the ability to restore our reputation as a benevolent and thoughtful nation and leader of the world community. Barack Obama is just such a man. Quit thinking about money you don't have and start thinking about the world around you.
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Unfortunately, the past 8 years were not the start of the US create enemies not allies policy. It simply kicked it into overdrive. If Obama wins he is going to have to do a lot more than “not be the other guy,” type politics. He has to fix something that is decades deep in order to be considered successful.
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If you guys that are rooting for McCain haven't noticed, the past eight years under Bush, the rich have been getting richer and the poor have been getting poorer, and its not just with Bush. If you look back its with all the republicans. And true, while Clinton wasn't the best of presidents, he was better than Bush, and if McCain wins, will be better than him.
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Thanks for asking!

I am voting for McCain. He is not perfect, but he represents my views much better than Obama. I do not want to see the role of federal government expanded ad infinitum, where it takes power away from state and local government and private institutions. I worry more the fact that we need to stand up for what is right, not for what is popular among the more spineless countries. In the end, I know McCain would be far better for the one issue that should be paramount for federal government: not economic tinkering, but national security in an age of global terrorism.
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If you don't know who to vote for, read up on the issues that affect you and pick a candidate with whom you most agree. Regardless of who you chose, please, make an informed vote.

As for me, there are several reasons I am voting for Obama. First, and foremost, Sarah Palin scares me. She is one seriously frightening individual. I wont even go into all the reasons she is a bad idea for VP here, because I don't have enough text space and we're trying to keep this civil. I want to keep her safely up in Alaska where she can't affect me and will hopefully be eaten by a bear.

Before she was chosen as McCain's running mate, I was ambivalent about McCain. Were he to win the election, I was thinking, Eh, so what, another 4 years of suck. We'll manage.

But then he chose Palin, and, well, wow. No. We can't do that. She is way too crazy and far from anything I can tolerate from my leadership. Just, no. We have enough crap going wrong for the US right now. We don't need her making things worse. In fact, the only thing Sarah Palin can make better is a comedian's career.

The economy sucks, the world hates us, and the US is in a terrible position right now. We need change. We need a new direction. We need Obaman.
Do I think Obama is going to walk into office and suddenly the world will be a better place filled with sunshine and kittens? No, I don't. I'm not unrealistic.

I simply see Obama as being the best choice for us, not only on a national level but on the world stage as well. In this day and age of information, We are all citizens of the world, and can't afford to sequester ourselves into separate little countries and try to stand on our own against something like "terrorism". Terrorism isn't a nation, or a government. You can't go to terrorism and bomb it. We need a leader who knows this and can work with other nations to make this a safer better world for *everyone*.
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Way to go Johnny Cat. Words of wisdom.

If I could vote, I would certainly be hesitant.
As a former French National Healthcare auditor, Obama's health plan's lack of costs evaluation looks a little bit scary to me. Mc Cain's plan is a little more detailed, but still, nobody's really answering the question of how to finance the Papy boom spendings or "healthcare for everybody".

Either way, good luck. In socialized France, my social security coverage (healthcare, retirement & job insurance) represent 54% of my cost to my company. 54% for safety, 46% in my pocket (out of which I have to pay income taxes, etc.). It's a big share. It's a big structural choice from which you cannot go back.
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This will be my first time throwing the lever for a (top of the ticket) Democrat.

I was a Reagan youth, but felt betrayed by the Republicans turning into the Simpsons version of themselves. (Last Republican I voted for was W in the 2000 primary, because I didn't want McCain's stupid mea culpa campaign finance 'reform' enacted.)

I've pretty much voted Libertarian since then, but they managed to screw up the protest vote with the current crew, which was apparently recruited from the island of misfit toys.

So, I'm voting Obama to protest the Libertarians screwing up my Republican protest vote.


I don't think that message is going to get across coherently.
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Politics aside for a moment, I'd like to take the opportunity to tip my hat to the late Tibor Kalman who tackled the issue of race using that exact visual technique over a decade ago in Colors magazine. Happy to see mister Myhren carry the torch.
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I'm one of the ones on the fence, and likely won't decide until tomorrow when I'm facing the screen. It will ultimately come down to how cynical I am.

Years ago, I happened across a CNN story about a man in Illinois running against Alan Keyes for a Senate seat. This profile of Obama was so inspiring to me, I immediately thought "why can't someone like this run for president."

Now, we're here and the last 8 years have left me so disillusioned, I don't know if I have the optimism left in me to vote for him still.
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Thank you for the thoughtful responses. In truth, I'm quite wary of the way candidates say that they will do this or they will do that.

I remain unconvinced that McCain will shrink the size of the federal government, after all, it was under Republican administration that we saw the largest increase. Nor am I convinced that a new Republican administration will reign in federal spending.

I'm skeptical of Obama's tax plan - though I suppose it's better to tax and spend (Democrat's way?) than borrow and spend (the Republican's way?)
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Unfortunately my memory is a little fuzzy because schoolwork is taking up all my concentration, but I recently saw an incident where... uh... someone was, I think, insulting McCain supporters, and McCain mentioned it and then proudly declared, "Well I agree!" There was a moment of silence and then he started stuttering and babbling until he started a new sentence over in an attempt to fix the fact that he accidentally just insulted his own supporters.

Now maybe this is just me, but... well, y'know how world leaders will sometimes come over and chill with the president and drink tea and shoot things and play golf and such? Yeah... A man who makes blunders like that is not the kind of president I want to be representing me in front of other world leaders. We are disliked enough. There is no room for that kind of mistake.
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I love how so many of the Obama supporters are using terms like "need change" and "different direction" to support their decision. I don't doubt that many of you are familiar with his policies, but use of such generics seriously obscures the actual principles at the base of the Obama campaign. The "redistribution of wealth" and threat of universal health care reeks of socialism and policies that are failing in other countries.

I'm not saying McCain is a perfect candidate either, but I just wish people would stop letting buzzwords decide the election.
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I vote Obama. I dont agree with many of his policies though. Does not matter. I feel that we need someone like him. He is confident, unshakable, and I trust his judgment.

McCain talks a big game, country first and all that, but when it comes down to important decisions he has failed miserably. Choosing Palin as VP shows an utter lack of judgment, and it is not putting 'country first'. I think its also very important to note how he has run his campaign. He pledged to run an honorable and fair campaign. He has done the opposite. No doubt in my mind that the way he has run his campaign and the poor choices he has made are a preview of how he would run the White House. No thanks.

Obama has run an honorable campaign, shown excellent judgment, and I have no doubt that is how he will run the White House.
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eni, your vague remembrances of an incoherent story about a politician who makes gaffes did SO MUCH to sway me toward the Obama camp, I can't express my gratitude to you for helping me reach a decision in this election.

Wait... isn't Joe Biden known for exactly the same thing? Back to sqaure one, I guess. Thanks for playing, though.
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If you only care about "the bottom line" i.e. your wallet, then it doesn't really matter. For some Obama would be the better choice, for some McCain.
But if you care about making national choices that effect the entire country's welfare, i.e. education, healthcare, justice, equality, progress, economy, AND the world's welfare, meaning environment, energy, and war, then Obama is the only choice.
So, really it's about individual greed vs. a healthier, happier nation and world.
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As a Canadian I hope Obama wins. I'm really looking forward to all the work we'll get when all those big bad corporations America loves to hate leave the US to go anywhere but the Union States of America.

Finishing college? Recently laid off? This is your time. This is your time to hate and bash big bad corporate America. But say it like you mean it and say it where it counts, on your job applications.

It's not like big bad corporate America will rebuild America. No, the "bottom up" will rebuild America. The "bottom up" will re-grow the economy. The "bottom up" will give you jobs. The "bottom up" will ensure security and stability for America.

Keep hating and bashing corporate America. Make them pay, and pay, and pay, and pay, It's good for the economy. Besides, they're EVIL!

Vote Obama!
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individual greed!? posh. I see plenty of individual greed when it comes to an Obama presidency. How is "redistribution of wealth" right. When we start giving away peoples hard earned money to people who leach off of welfare the American Dream has taken a terrible blow. That is morally wrong. It is going to do awful things to the economy and let people who don't work their way up in life get away with it at the others expense. That to me is pretty greedy on many peoples part. That just asks for class warfare and discrimination. The choice I know that I am for sure making is not voting for Obama. Obama will screw things up even worse than Carter did.
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OBAMA for the win.

His health care plans will benefit more people who are without, he is not going to make America unsafe. Since 9/11 we have not been safer, our military has always been the best in the world and will remain so even after cuts on spending in Iraq, which is a place that wasn't a threat to us when we went over there, a place most Americans want us out of soon and not in our grandchildrens' lifetimes. His tax plan works on the notion that Reaganomics don't work and that unregulated market supporters like Greenspan were wrong like they admit. The class gaps need to be stopped from widening. It's not socialism, it's democracy and it's how this country has helped its masses be successful in the modern world.

It's mostly rhetoric from the both of them but McCain has proven to be a bastard both in government and personally. And Palin, she has nothing to offer whatsoever..there's no comparison between her and Biden. If Obama/Biden had run a campaign like McCain/Palin's I would've been disgusted enough to consider voting for the Green party.

Also, I'm a feminist and the McCain/Palin ticket stands for everything I stand against.
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I'm voting Obama because McCain has too much "Old-man" stigma for me to feel comfortable with him in power and Palin is a poor VP choice. I think he's a little too fixated on winning a war, rather than solving problems. And while I don't think Obama is the ultimate solution, I think he's a step in the right direction when it comes to redefining the world perception of the US. And none of that has to do with race. It has to do with keeping a cool head, being in tune with the modern world, and having valid priorities. McCain doesn't show leadership to me, he shows determinism. It's the same kind of self-centered drive that makes me dislike Hillary Clinton. They seem to be in the race to prove a point, not to better the nation.

And to those who keep calling out Obama on "socialism" and "redistributing the wealth", please realize that his plan is not a Robin Hood scheme to pilfer from the rich and give to the poor. It's a restructuring of taxation, so that those who have more, pay more, and those who have less, pay less. It's not socialist. It's a sliding scale. There IS a difference and it's only fair to pay an appropriate amount. I mean who feels the pinch more? The person who makes a half a million a year, and has to pay a few more thousand towards taxes, or the person who makes a few thousand a year, and has to work a second job to pay taxes? I'm not going to feel much pity for the top 5% and their hardship of paying a little bit more. I think they can swing it.
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Also, it's pretty amazing to see how far the socialist branding of Obama by the Republicans has been accepted. Do you understand his tax plan? Do you realize how taxes work? Do you realize McCain will be taxing us as well and give even bigger cuts to companies? Companies, not people. We've been redistributing wealth since's called Social Security, providing food for those who have been looking for and not finding work (hello recession). If you go to church, are you against it setting up shelters for the homeless or holding food drives? Are you ashamed our country does that? That people come here to work because they know they'll be helped and allowed to until they get their bearings after leaving a less desirable country? Spreading the opportunity is why I'm proud to be from here.

Taxes make the country run, they pay politicians' salaries, they build energy infrastructures, they give people a chance who weren't born into it..and by the way, welfare isn't a way to live life, it's not income you can live off of alone. Being on welfare doesn't make someone happy, let along rich.
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Echoing (to a broader extent) the comments that Eni made @4:19 : I'm voting Obama not strictly on issues (although that plays into it) but largely because of the way he presents himself. I know that sounds shallow, but Obama's presence, presentation and skillful handling of various situations throughout his campaign really give insight into the kind of person he is. There may be questions about his level of experience, but he is young, smart, intuitive, graceful, eloquent, respectful, thoughtful, insightful,...I could go on and on. He was given numerous public chances to stumble, make gaffes or otherwise show some character defect but he didnt. He comes across as very "presidential". He may not be the most experienced to handle international crisis's, but I'm willing to bet my vote that he's smart and visionary enough to gather the right groups of advisers to handle the problems facing America. And isnt that what we elect a president for ? (leadership).

On the other hand, McCain's appearances lack polish and depth. He stumbles (which shows his age) and his speeches (appear to me) to only be written to incite a fear based emotional response enough to get him elected (example, choosing Palin as VP was just a ploy to win votes, not a deeply considered and vetted decision about whats best for the future of America.)

I dont believe Obama is a superhero with magical powers who will swoop in and fix all the problems. It wont be easy and it will take Americans working together for the common good (no, not socialism) to rebuild our status as a world leader admired and respected. This is our chance to prove to the world that we arent the greedy, selfish, ignorant, materialistic people they have come to believe we are.
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To my undecided friend, I say that your one little measly vote doesn't mean a dang thing, and my one little measly vote doesn't mean a dang thing either.

If one or the other of us dropped dead on the way to the voting precinct, it wouldn't make a difference in the election.

We can both be friends after this is over.
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At this point in the campaign, if someone is truly undecided as to who to vote for, I'd urge them to stay home. The difference between the two major party candidates is staggering, and if you can't tell which most closely matches your beliefs, you either don't know what you believe or haven't been paying attention. Either way, do your country a favor and stay home.

If said Undecided Voter insists on voting anyway, I'd suggest a vote against Obama. True, you've got to vote for someone, but because of the questionable associations in his past, his socialist leanings, his inexperience, his tendency to say the wrong thing in the wrong place (when his teleprompter isn't in front of him), his constant flip-flopping (covering his tracks after saying the wrong thing in the wrong place), etc, etc..., Obama is the wrongest guy for the job. Although there are four other choices on the ballot (in most states anyway) the only guy with a chance of beating him is McCain. He may not be the perfect choice, but unfortunately we don't have much choice in this election.
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How is $700 billion dollars being redistributed from taxes to banks not "redistribution of wealth"? Democrats and Republicans alike will redistribute as they see fit.

The latter will increase military spending (are we planning on fighting another USSR anytime soon?) while decreasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy while claiming that this money will "trickle down" (how's your paycheck? Still increasing just barely more than inflation? You've had 8 years for something to trickle down to you by now).

The former will increas spending on social issues (ever been out of work?) and things that improve everyone's life while taxing individuals that make a quarter-million dollars a year and rolling back tax breaks for corporations (Exxon, fifteen billions dollars this year in profit. I don't need to send $700 million overseas for oil, I can overspend right at home, thank you) in order to help pay for this.

One way will help you and you alone if you make 250,000 a year. The other will help out you and your country if you are not in the top 5% of the income bracket.

I know it's not money alone that you can decide your vote on, but it's also a big decision as to what direction you want to spend your taxes (which won't really change much one way or the other if you're a typical earner): for your country or for some rich guys who are going to just invest it?
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I would of voted for McCain, but the McCain we all loved from 8 years ago. He destroyed the thing that made him a good political once he started pandering to the right to win the election.

I also find it hard to understand why everyone who says they are voting Republican because the Democrats are going to turn us into a big government. I don't think that the Republicans stand for small government any more, which we can clearly see in the policies of the last eight years.

Also the social issues I care about (abortion remaining legal, gay marriage to some extent) are better represented under Obama.

I think that comparatively, Obama will help heal the rift we have with the rest of the world much better than McCain could, and for me that is extremely important.

Everyone seems to site Obama's lack of experience, and sure he hasn't been in the Senate long but he is incredibly intelligent, a law professor and someone who has been trying to help make America a better place for a long time. And really I see that as experience. His intelligence will help him pick smart people in his cabinet, people with government or military experience, but also people who know what they are talking about.
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Something Clever, McCain 8 years ago was awesome. I wish he'd been in office the past 8 years working "across the aisle" instead of declaring Mission Accomplished and talking about his "mandate."

Unfortunately I haven't seen that guy recently. If anyone sees that McCain, tell him I miss him and his willingness to campaign without the Bush people he's surrounded himself with this season.
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I am a card carrying Republican, but am voting for Barack. I used to believe in the trickle down economy system as the rich are greedy and don't want stagnant money. They invested in business and growth, but then turned a corner. They got so greedy that they sold out every American to send their money overseas as they were getting better returns on their money.

P.S. If you hit the $250,000 mark, your taxes will increase $900.00
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I'm voting for Obama. I'm pretty liberal, especially on a social scale, so the idea of voting for a Republican automatically chafes me. But whereas I was ambivalent towards McCain before, like other users said, my opinion of him changed when he chose Palin for his VP nominee. I do not like the idea that that whackjob could possibly be running my country.
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Maximum tax rate under McCain's plan 35% Under Obama's plan 39.6%. Therefore the difference between capitalism and socialism is apparently 4.6%

I'm all for letting people pull themselves by their own bootstraps, but I think we have a responsibility to make sure that people can get some bootstraps.
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Palin, who happens to be my governor, scares the crap out of me. Im a scientist and i feel like my future career would be in jeapordy :s
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Now it's all up to us to get out the vote.

Tune in, turn on, turn out.

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I like how some people are like "Democrats will do a lot better than the Republicans!" and yet they don't realize that congress was democratic, and how much they sucked and failed.
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If I were to vote for who my views are closest with, it would be for Dennis Kucinich. As it stands, I don't think old D.K. has a snowballs chance anywhere even to hit the broad side of a barn, say. I've wasted my vote on too many elections voting the way I wish most people would, with their hearts.

This time, I'm going to vote with my brain. (I can hear the disparaging comments already for saying that)
I believe that if both candidates had the same skin color, this election wouldn't even be close enough to be called a race.

This is a sad commentary on the American public. I am going to vote for change, & I encourage all of you who are voting republican, to vote conscientiously and to change your vote to <3Kucinich<3.
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A vote for McCain is a vote for the privileged status quo.. and the status quo isn't working for more and more people. Those whose lives are comfortable don't want to change and are afraid of change. Conservatives are very reactionary when anybody suggests a change which could upset their status. I have seen the mean spirited and nasty responses in many areas and it is far worse than the liberals. They are not interested in the common good as much as their self absorbed bourgeois lives.
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"I like how some people are like “Democrats will do a lot better than the Republicans!” and yet they don’t realize that congress was democratic, and how much they sucked and failed."

Yeah in the senate those 49 democrats sure outnumbered the 49 republicans... oh.. nevermind.
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If I were American I'd be a Republican (coz I'm conservative), and vote for Barack Obama (coz he's the man for the job). As for the tax issue the world is in a state because of the USA and it's prolific waste of tax dollars spent on foreign wars. Obama is not only going to have to make up for the shortfall but try to clear up the mess. America's security has been violated by Bush because he has started wars with others. I think the world might just trust America again with Obama at the helm.
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Read up on the issues, don't believe rumors that instill fear or hate, get the facts...if you still aren't sure, don't vote...flipping a coin is no way to vote...
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The ghost of John McCain is simply not a person who can help this country. I'm surprised that people feel, after Bush, that a man who essentially represents the same policies is a good idea. It really defies logic. His temperament is also profoundly ill-suited to the job that needs to be done now: repairing the damage collectively by bringing people together, thinking outside the box, and taking an organized, thoughtful approach to cleaning up the world-class shit platter we have on our hands.

Barack Obama is very, very smart, has worked his whole life to help people, is intellectually curious and willing to seek guidance, and is shockingly lifelike as presidential candidates go. I also take no small measure of joy in the fact that tomorrow, we will have a president who breaks open the greatest shame of our country (slavery and racism) and, by his very presence and excellence, deals a huge blow to the vile chords of same that still run rampant through our society.

Tomorrow will be a great, great day. Thanks to all of you who are helping to make it happen.
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I read some of the comments here and it seems that the point of the photoshopped pic is neing missed.

Isn't the person who did this asking for white people to not vote McCain just because he's white? LOL How lefty of him!

And how condescending to the apparently vast number of white Americans who have been pro-obama for months and months now.

Or is he perhaps trying to get black people to look at the issues rather than just voting obama? Now, THAT would have been interesting.

Somehow, I doubt it is aimed at blacks. (Google Howard Stern's Harlem interviews if you haven't heard about them.) Black people who think Palin is obama's VP voting black is fine, no prob. Black for black, that's cool.

(I am not saying that all black people are voting for obama. But everyone knows that many are.)

But whites voting WHITE isn't cool, is it. Obviously. That is racist. Uh huh. Downright racist.

Double standards.
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Valerie: I believe the stated intention is to get people to vote without regard to race.

Sad to say republican policies won't help many black people whereas democrat policies will help many white people. (not all in either case of course, but proportionally I don't think you'd find as many african americans that would be helped by McCain's policies as you would anglos that would be helped by Obama's.)
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B&W: you forgot one.

What if McCain said "Typical black person" when speaking of a family member?

What if McCain had met with a terrorist in a board meeting?

What if McCain's wife said that she was proud of her country for the first time in her life?

What if McCain's preacher of 20 years preached on how evil America was?
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If Obama wins, which I think he will... I just hope he stays in a bullet proof glas box whenever he's out in public.
I don't wish harm to him at all, but there are some crazy idiot racists out there that you just know are planning something awful.
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Dianne, stupid comments like that make it REALLY hard for people like me to want to cast a vote for Obama. I would like to, I really would. But then I see Obama supporters write stuff like that and I just want to cancel your vote out. For the sake of your chosen candidate, just shut up.
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I read an interesting article yesterday that some of you may like. It has to do with candidates and promises they make on the campaign trail.
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I used to love America in many ways. America liberated my country from the Nazis.
America gave the world culture, with great movies, music, literature, science and technology.
But in the last decade America has fallen from the pedestal I put her on.
There always have been things about America I don't like at all, like the harsh justice, lack of health care, religious bigotry and shallowness. America shines with gold-plated gold, there's no substance, we used to say.
But what really disappointed and even shocked me in the last decade was the lying to go to war, G. bay, and how New Orleans was handled. On top of that, the financial crisis today.
I don't know if Obama can solve all problems, but it's so good he's there to be elected. If I would be American I wouldn't hesitate a second to vote for Obama.
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I hope Obama wins the election. When some ignorant people comment on how it's not important who gets elected as president, I get angry. Of course it matters. If he gets elected, it will be a mark on history. Besides, they say that America's president is the most powerful man in the world, don't they?

I just wonder if they'd still say that in some places if Obama becomes President...
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B&W's piece on educational background is amazing :D focus on a big issue in my eye : the Republican campaign focused more on negative hype (why you shouldn't vote for Obama) rather than explaining why people should vote for them. It's going to hurt them.
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I'm from Canada and my wife is from Russia, and we are now here in the US. We both come from socialist countries and know a socialist when we see one. I had suspected Obama was one all along and his recent comments about 'spreading the wealth around' confirmed my suspicions.

Socialism is BAD people! It punishes those who are successful and rewards those who are lazy. Less taxes on corporations are a GOOD thing. Who do you think employs you? What creates jobs in this country? Corporations do. If they get taxed more, they will NOT just take that out of their profits... it will be passed along to consumers through higher prices and through cost cutting by layoffs/hiring freezes. Especially in the current economic environment. That affects people like you and me.

This current trend towards the government acquiring stock in the major banks scares me. This whole bailout deal is a case of certain members of our government taking advantage of a tough situation. The government owning portions of capitalist institutions is straight out of the socialist playbook. Do you really want the government in control of your 401k/Mortgage?

Let those banks fail... serves them right for taking chances with risky investments. New ones will see the opportunity and rise to fill the gaps. We don't need a 'nanny' state taking care of our every need. Don't take handouts from the government... it doesn't help you in the long run. What helps you is if government assist you in getting a job. It's old adage: 'Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Show a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.' America is the only place in this world where this concept rings true, at least so far.

If Obama is elected, we are one more step away from these ideals. No one in the House or Congress will oppose him.
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This photoshop magic of a white Obama and a black McCain is well done and poignant. It is important to address the issue that many people are voting strictly on the race of the candidate. In fact we wrote a song called “Shades of Brown” that addresses this Black and White issue exactly. Here it is—Enjoy!
CahillandDelene (dot com)

Well I have never seen a white man
And I have never seen a black man
Never met a yellow woman
Not a purple, red or blue man

We are all just different shades of brown
Dark and light, not black or white
We stand on common ground

Well I have never seen a green man
No, no orange, no tangerine man
I know at times we’ve all been blue, man
But it seems to me we’re all just human! (Chorus)

Maybe on the chessboard–the pieces are black and white
Maybe on the keyboard–the keys are black and white
Are ya livin’ in your left brain–where black and white are found
Well move into your right brain–Where all are shades of brown

Whatever skin tone on the outside
Whatever differences we can’t hide
Remember every human worldwide
The blood runs red here on the inside (Chorus)
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GO OBAMA! He really deserves this because he knows what he's doing although he may seem "unexperienced." BUT, we'll soon find out in a few hours, so I'm praying that he wins.
McCain is just... Well, I won't say it. He is a prune, just put it like that. And, he'll most likely die of old age by the end of his term making SARAH PALIN prez, which will not be pretty. That lady is such an a**. She has no clue what she's doing and is more suited to be a person at Mickey D's flippin' burgers. SERIOUSLY. :]
Anyways, enough of that. GO OBAMA ONCE AGAIN!!
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Uh? I just submitted something, and it went into the aether. I was saying, Thomas: I started thinking of these two as The Smiler and The Beast long ago. :)
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Dianne, if there's anything I know about people like you, it is that- no, you won't shut up. And that is the unfortunate thing.

You're like the lady at my office that talks aobut her bladder problems loud enough for everyone to hear. Both of the things you have to say make everyone, even those that sympathize with you, around you cringe.

You're as asinine as those idiots who booed during McCain's speech last night everytime he mentioned Obama.
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What a wonderful Photoshop edit.

Actually what a rubbish one.

Skin tone is only part of what evokes a race based reaction.

McCain still looks like a Caucasian, albeit one who has spent a week in a tanning machine.

Obama still looks like an African-American, albeit one who has bleached his skin.

If this was a valid attempt to test race based reactions then their face shapes should have been edited, i.e. cheekbones, nose shapes, lips, etc.

Oh and congratulations to everybody who instead of commenting the picture, decided to rant and rave politically.

A note - it is a proven scientific fact that brain logic centers switch off when debating political issues if the subject identifies too closely with a given political view. Obama is not the Messiah, McCain is not the Devil, Obama is not a terrorist and McCain is not Bush II.
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Hi Mr. Brain: It's me again. No bladder problems here. Yea, I've worked with those kind of people too! I'm really a nice person. I just had an opinion like anyone else and maybe I did go too far wishing Sarah a good trip home. Sorry if I offended you and anybody else. Peace, Love and Happiness to you and yours.
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It doesn't matter who anybody voted for since they are both puppets controlled by the "powers that be" (the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group). No real change will be forthcoming. Obama proves once again that the only way for a black man to get anywhere in this country is by kissing up to white folks and being the establishment's tool. McCain? That would have been obvious if the puppetmasters rigged it for him to "win" but Obama? He's been in their pocket since he was a community organizer and will be their happy new face for continuation of the same Cheneyite policies. Look at all his advisers on the campaign trail and in the transition as well as his cabinet. Obama is a neo-con in very thin disguise. "Change we can believe in" brought to you by Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, J.P. Morgan Chase...
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