What is It? Game 79

Today's collaboration with What is it? blog brings us this object. Can you guess what it is? (No, it's not an axe!)

Place your guess in the comment section. No prize this week, so you're playing for bragging rights only.

For more clues, including larger pics, check out the What is it? blog. Good luck!

Update 10/31/08 - the answer is:
A George Washington Door Stop, by Newton Mfg Co., Newton, Iowa, in use it was stood on its head with the wedge going under the door.

Congratulations to ALC who go it right!

it's a wood splitter. you place it on a log and hit the heel(flat bit) with a small sledgehammer. it could also be used by the likes of lizzie borden when her arms gotten tired lol
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Wow, that's difficult... can't think of anything that it would be useful for.

Maybe some kind of shovel that only moves the top of the soil or something?
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I was about to say axe. However, the look of the handle and the size of the head to the handle looks like a hatchet. But a hatchet...for what!? O_o
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The piece featured is used to split kindling. The protrusion from the blade is used to make pieces manageable. Then they split the pieces further with the blade.
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I agree with the wood splitter guess, though my initial guess was that it is some kind of crowbar-like device, for prying something open or apart (I guess that function could be related to wood splitting?
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It's a white piece of cloth, presumably for providing contrast to whatever object (an axe with a tumor, for example) you want to place on it for the purpose of taking a photograph of said object to post on the internetz.
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Maybe you can use it to take a floor apart, or boarding. Or hit knots out of wood or tree. Or use it to get rid of stones and objects in a road or mine.
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Its not an axe or hatchet, or any kind of destructive cutting tool at all. It is a throngel, a specialized spatula for turning the delicate 'bismael' pancakes made ot Fesmaltin, an ancient Norweigian holiday celebrating the coming of Crodon, the pine bough maiden who brings tint to babies hair. Admittedly a rather minor and insignifigant goddess as pantheons go, but Norway is a cold and desolate place and the hardy Norse celebrate everything they can.
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