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Things You Probably Don't Need, #2

I mean, maybe you need a replica of King Tut's throne to mark your alpha-dog spot at the dining room table. It's only $895. And if you order two (the holiday season is just around the corner, people!), they are only $875 each.

Brittany, the Neatorama reader who suggested Design Toscano for our new Things You Probably Don't Need feature, was dead on: you probably don't need anything from Design Toscano. But it's definitely entertaining!

I dunno...I have a desk from Design Tuscano that has SECRET COMPARTMENTS. I have needed a desk with secret compartments since I was a kid. They also have yard art like a zombie climbing up from his grave. I'd definitely put that in the "need" category.
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Oh my god, you really DON'T need anything from that store. Also that zombie statue is like, the 3rd bestselling item on their 50 best products page.... wow.
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oh yay! my name is on neatorama. i feel so cool, haha.

and design toscano is my favorite place for all things ridiculous. i've thought about getting that T-Rex wall hanging/bust (thing) to scare children.
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I have no idea what you're talking about. When I got my job, one of my requirements for taking it was to have that chair at my desk. That way I can direct about my peons with an inconsequential wave of my hand.
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Actually, I purchased their skeleton wall clock. (it's the guts of a grandfather clock sans cabinet) I love it. it is visually stunning and it is functional. Other than that, everything else, to me, is pretty much useless
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These are just egreious examples of things you don't need. I'm sure you could find plenty of things in your daily life that you don't really need.
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ted, you're sucking all the oxygen out of the room.

I just received a catalog from them for the first time, which has me wondering what company sold them my information.

It is the most entertaining, WTF catalog I have ever received.
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