It Came From The Deep!

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The oceans and seas to me are fascinating and scary all at once. Why? When you see these things just swimming right below you...just waiting to grab you! Caught on video is a bizarre, creepy, and alien like creature that looks like it was gene-spliced - in the bowels of a mad sea faring scientists evil lair - with the body of a squid and the legs of daddy long legs spider!

This is Aaron Gregory, singer/guitarist of the band Giant Squid. I also work at the AQUARIUM OF THE BAY in San Francisco as a profe[s]sional diver. Today (6-27-08) a man who has been installing video equipment at the aquarium for the last several days, popped into our husbandry office and asked if we could possibly identify a "creature" that his friend, who works on an oil rig, caught on tape from an ROV. He described a manta ray like thing with 30ft tentacles!! He wasn't far off as you can see for your self. It doesn't get much more alien than this. I just identified it as belonging to the species Magnapinna, or Big Fin squid, though this one is more commonly known as the Long Arm Squid. They get as big as 5 meters! Take special note of the depth! 7828ft. Enjoy everyone!!

All I take note from this is to never work at an oil rig and to fear the deep so much more! Imagine the surprise or horror when the operator of the ROV saw that thing looking back at him. O_O

More info here! - Link

That's one of the most terrifying YouTube videos I've seen in a while. I thought it must for sure be a Halloween hoax or something, but Wikipedia has an article on these creatures. They seriously look like evil plotting aliens, a little like the ones in Independence Day. I had no idea there were things like this living on Earth!
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After slumbering on the ocean floor for 7 million years we have awoken it! Death and destruction await us as our Squid overlords begin their reign of terror!
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"It Came From The Deep!"

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