Don't Write to Ringo Starr

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Ringo Starr no longer has time for fan mail. Alrighty then. -via Arbroath

"Peace and Love! Peace and Love! Leave me alone, darn it all! Peace and Love! Peace and Love! Seriously, I don't want to hear from you people any more! Peace and Love! Peace and Love! Now, go AWAY!

...Oh, yeah. Peace and Love!"
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A completely understandable request, although he could have been more tactful. Now he's not only Ringo Starr the ugly beatle, he's Ringo Starr the ugly unappreciative jerk beatle.
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Actually, I'm surprised he's still been answering fan mail up until now. A Sisyphean task if there ever was one. This is like the real-life conclusion to that Simpson's episode where Ringo receives the portrait that Marge painted of him as a teen, heh. I'm glad Marge got in under the gun.
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I found the video hilarious and I'm not sure why.

Has anyone seen the Stevie Riks Ringo impressions on Youtube? that stuff is gold! he does lots of others too, the rest of the beatles, marc bolan, oasis, rolling stones etcetc. Should have his own tv show imo.
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Just how far up his own arse is he!
Mr 'Right Place at the Right Time' Starkey should be extremely grateful that he's in the position he's in. What an utter twat!

PS. And he was rubbish at narrating Thomas the Tank Engine.
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I think Ringo is correct to ask fans to stop writing to him. Don't you think 40 years of answering fan mail is enough for anyone? Most people get fed up having to answer a few unwanted emails on a daily basis. Can you imagine just how much mail he must get?
The public don't own him!
Nice one Ringo!
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I think he did it to draw attention to himself to get MORE fan mail. Yes, he's a beatle legend but at this point of his career, just how many new fans is he garnering? It must've gotten fairly stale. He's probably sitting in his house waiting for the influx of new mail to pour in.
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I imagine he gets thousands upon thousands of letters daily. "boohoo I'm famous, ppl still enjoy me, even after 40 years after I came into the spotlight."
whatta pompous prick. I mean ya, the beatles have their place in history, but Ringo was just lucky to be along for the ride.
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Hold the phone guys...

This video seems to imply that he's been answering tons of fanmail, and he's been signing and returning ITEMs that were sent to him, requesting a signature. So, he opens tons of mail, and then sends/ships tons of stuff back! He's a BEATLE, how much mail do you think that is??

How many other huge stars do you think work that hard over fan mail?

Seems to me like he doesn't want people sending him their memorabilia that he doesn't want to deal with sending back.

Is that really so bad?
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What is wrong with you people? Do you have to be so rude? Did everyone forget what happened to John after he signed an autograph in NY that horrible December day? I don’t see how anyone can blame Ringo for wanting some privacy. He looks totally stressed and all of you need to be more understanding!
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Ringo should shred his unwanted mail and sent it back in the envelopes that they... wait...and maybe a stack of phonebooks and... shoot. No, wait, that was something else.
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I didn't feel the peace and love that Ringo was sending.

After the 20th I think what's left of his fans should stop buying his overpriced merch and tickets to his shows.
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Hey, Ringo did make a point of answering his fan mail. And, yes, he's apparently still getting it. His little video may be a bit peremptory, but in his true "nice guy" style, he did make it clear that he appreciates that he still has fans. (Yeah, I would have sounded a bit more APPRECIATIVE myself --- but hey, he's not known as the most eloquent Beatle. No offense intended.)

He's earned a break. He's also pushing 70. He may have a few decades left in him, but it's time to start taking it easy, relaxing in his octopus' garden in the shade.
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I don't blame the guy, come on he's like 68 years old or so. He could have said thanks for all the support and mail over the years but....

Tact is important that is if you want your fans to buy your music. His short message is so negative making him seem ungrateful. I don't know, a few kind words and then the request would have gone over a lot better.
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Ringo Who? Oh yeah he was the ugly insignificant one, with a big nose who played the drums and looked inane. You still doing Tom The Tank voiceovers sweetie? You robbed Liverpool (getting paid for a seriously lacklustre performance) I was there for 08 celebrations in Liverpool, and then had the audacity to diss Liverpool. Get a Life Jerk,Fanmail? You wish babe.
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Ringo is the greatest drummer of all time. You don't have to play athletically like Kieth Moon or Neil Peart to be a great drummer. Ringo played just what the songs needed and nothing more. Without Ringo, the Beatles wouldn't have been as good as they were.

Oh, and for those who say he was in the right place at the right time?

At the time, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes were more popular than the Beatles, and they recruited him. Some even say they begged him.

He's been receiving fan mail for almost fifty years, doesn't he deserve a break? Most stars would just stop accepting mail, at least he has the decency to tell you not to waste your time.
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I don't blame him. He was in the most popular band in history and if he's been answering for all these years, he's within his rights to stop, and it's nice of him to mention that any mail sent would be in vain. I don't think it was rude, especially when he's talking about signing things and sending them back. That's a lot of shipping. People discover the Beatles everyday, and I'm sure some of them want to write. Also, people want things signed just to sell, sometimes. I still love the Beatles, I still won't listen to Ringo's All-Stars (if that's what they're called now). No harm done.
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ringo se me callo un idolo sos un terado tengo 25 años soy argentina donde hay muchos fanaticos tullos miles te fuistes al carajo con ese mensaje que te crees que sos ni paul creo que seria capaz de hacer eso.chau tonto
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Oh dear. My teenage crush is now a grumpy old man screaming "Get off my lawn!"

Too bad we can't reverse time. I'd love to hear what the 19 year old Ringo would have had to say to this inflated old geezer. Ah well, obviously the joy and the humour have left the man.

Perhaps he doesn't have enough money to hire people to send kind letters out to the fans that might read: "Mr. Starr appreciates your support. Due to the huge demand, he can no longer sign personal autographs, but please accept this photo with his best wishes." Would that have been so difficult?
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Peace and love my tushie.

Hey Ringo, Please note this. After Oct 15 I am no longer buying your records.
I am no longer buying your videos.
I will not purchase a concert ticket.

I will not purchase anything that benefits you.
Peace and love
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It makes you wonder what’s worse - sending fan mail to the drummer of a pop band that broke up nearly forty years ago, sending fan mail to Ringo Starr in 2008, or Ringo actually answering it?
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Ringo has and always is the bestest friend and partner Paul and George ever had....John Lennon sort of was a shadow ....and Ringo was there but not in the center of Johns work as a Beatle....I am not sure why he'd be so bold as to say to us that he didn't want fans and emails, but as everyone knows the predatory nature of people, and it might have killed him...God bless Ringo for always being there as a drummer/rock star.)
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actually quite an arrogant video by ringo..the beatles really wernt the fab four..they used a LOT of drummers..ringo was just a friend is all.john paul and george ARE the beatles so its funny how ringo wants to be the beatle spokesman and try to keep up with john and paul by sayin peace and love all the time..he embarrasses himself actually
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oka i love ringoo star hes my favorite beatles and yes hes gorgeous so screw you guys i understand when your tat famous you get a sh** tion of fan mail!!!
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