The Hawking Tattoo

Jack Newton, 23, is one big fan of physicist Stephen Hawking. So much so that he decided to get his right leg tattooed with Hawking's face after reading A Brief History of Time - even though he didn't understand a word of it!

The tattoo - complete with a Monty Python line from the classic Life of Brian film 'He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy' written underneath it - has already won two trophies at tattoo conventions.

Mr Newton said: "I read A Brief History of Time, but to be honest I didn't understand a word, but I respect the man and that's why I got his face tattooed on my leg.


Photo: Kent News

Am I the only person who thought that A Brief History of Time was pretty simple to understand?
I found it the usual pop-science stuff, various concepts explained in terms which should be comprehensible to the average lay-person.

I'm still surprised how many people don't understand any part of it. Is this tattooed gentleman celebrating his own bafflement?
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you are not the only person to understand it. Although, I personally would not call it 'simple' or light reading for that matter, but I wasn't a physics major or anything like that.

You have to consider that many people don't really read much at all except what they have too. In such cases, Hawking's stuff may be difficult for them.

But, this guy is a weirdo. "I don't know what he's talking about, but I'm getting a tatoo of him!" WTF
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Living in Cambridge I often see Hawking about the place. I was stuck behind him recently and it was amusing to see people's faces double take as they went by. They'd turn to their partner etc. with a bemused look and saying (in whatever language) isn't that ermmm....

Generally most people are used to him and he's been somewhat overshadowed now Lily Cole is here. Poor woman can't even go to Boots without being papped.
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