Double Arm Transplantee Happy with New Arms

Karl Merk, a German dairy farmer who lost both of his arms in an accident, underwent the world's first double arm transplant surgery several months ago (posted here on Neatorama).

Now, he has spoken out for the first time:

Karl Merk, a German dairy farmer whose arms had been amputated after an accident, said he felt like a "whole man" again as he spoke for the first time since the operation in July.

"The feeling is indescribable. Every day I gain more mobility," said Mr Merk as he showed off the arms, which are being supported by a special "corset" while the healing continues.


Let's not forget that some extremely neat person decided before he died that he wanted to be an organ donor. Are you one too?

It's got to be either very weird or very reassuring to be the donor's relative and to shake the hand of your departed loved one.
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Who said the donor was dead? They don't wait until you're dead to take the organs, you know.

I'm just waiting to hear that the donor was a serial killer who strangled his victims with THOSE ARMS!

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They didn't get them from an organ doner, the just picked those up at some second-hand store.

I hear that they're making an action movie based on this guy called "German Dairy Farmer: Rearmed!".

Serious though, you really gotta hand it to people like this. :)
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