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Mouse Turned the Table on Snake

Not News: feeding a mouse to a snake.
News: feeding mighty mouse to a snake!

Here's the story of how firefighters in Taiwan who caught a snake were surprised to find that the intended meal ended up killing the snake!

Firefighters in Nantou town, Taiwan, caught the 35cm snake and put it into a mouse cage for safe-keeping. "We then found it a mouse for lunch," a spokesman for the team told Apple Daily.

But the firefighters were stunned to see how aggressive the mouse became once it saw the predator in the cage.

"It attacked the snake continuously, biting and scratching it," the spokesman added. After a vicious 30 minute battle, the snake was dead and the mouse was left with hardly a scratch.


Does anyone else see the obvious logistical issue that snake had in trying to devour such a huge mouse? :)

I mean I understand that snakes and unhinge their jaws, but there comes a point...
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It's nothing rare, but very cruel indeed. My wife's son has a snake. I had the *brilliant* idea of serving the mouse to it just before getting out of the house, and that was because the snake didn't want to eat it since nearly a month before... We returned very late and found the darn rat eating the back of the snake! ALIVE! It was such a macabrous picture. It turned out I was giving the rat Whiskas, which have taurine, which is in the energy drinks! The rat became so aggressive that even after taking it out of the snake house it bit me so I drowned it right away. It was horrible. Meanwhile the snake was so badly hurt that I was thinking of cutting its head off to stop the suffering. I didn't so her son called a veterinarian. He did I don't know what but saved the snake. It has been like four years and the snake is alive, well, eating big mice again, happy, but it can't move the parts that were bitten of it. Remarkable. that night I learned that unhappy snakes don't eat. It was sick, cold, and suffering. We changed it house for a bigger one and cared more about the temperature and some branches for it to climb. BTW I still can't really tell the difference between rats and mice. There are big mice and little rats.
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yeah, that mouse in the pid is way too big. I though 'feeder mice' were supposed to be small affairs.

also, "Mouse eats snake" sounds like a martial arts move.
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You'd be surprised how common this is. When I worked at a veterinary clinic, we'd always see poor snakes with CHUNKS taken out of them b/c the owner's would just put a live mouse in there and leave it be. And the mouse would feast first. Eek.
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Here's to being warm-blooded... that very high metabolism we have (OB TMBG). Reptiles tire easily.
Mice and rats are cooler than snakes anyway... make mine murine!
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I find it awfully funny how people seem to be upset that the snake was killed, but if it were the other way around, no one would say a word, because it's the "circle of life." As if survival of the fittest no longer exists. What utter nonsense. I say hooray for the mouse for putting up a fight. That snake, in top form, could've easily eaten that mouse. There are large snakes that devour large four-legged creatures, so there would have been no problem, had it not been under the weather.
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Simply put: snakes don't eat if they're not hungry. When they're hungry they go into what can best be described as "kill mode." They tense up, start to twitch, and will lunge at anything edible. When a snake is in kill mode, it will kill a mouse. If you've ever seen it happen, you know its not even a question. The mouse will die. Quickly.

But only if the snake is hungry.

Please, please, please, please don't feed your snake unless he's hungry. If he's not hungry, then he won't go after the mouse. However, the mouse will definitely freak out and fight the snake. Not 'fight back' against the snake, because the snake won't do anything. The snake, not being hungry, still won't try to kill the mouse. He'll just try to get away from it, which he can't do because he's in a terrarium. And that's how snakes get hurt.

Please be careful. If you can, buy frozen mice at the pet store and thaw them out before feeding them to your snake. If your snake refuses to eat pre-killed mice, feeding him live mice is okay. But don't do it unless he's hungry, and don't ever walk away from the cage until the mouse is clearly dead.

Its grizzly to watch, but its over after a minute or two. The discomfort of watching your snake feed on a live mouse is nothing compared to the pain your snake could wind up suffering if you aren't there to supervise and, if need be, intervene.
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So they after realised what was going on, they just sat back at watched them fight? It's hardly 'survival of the fittest' either way if you force them together. I cant see how 30 minutes of standing in a little cockless circle around a couple of tiny animals is very productive of firefighters.
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So these guys first of all thought that it was OK to let this mouse be eaten alive, and then just stood and watched while it killed the snake? These guys are doubly sick.
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i have raised snakes for a long time and I can tell that the snake refused to finish off the mouse because the snake was of the homosexual breed and the mouse was female. It is well known that a homosexual snake will only feed on its own sex as this is an aphrodeziac unless it is extremely hungry
this mouse was female and the snake was waiting out to get off on a male- no pun intended
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wow, that is bad ass.

My snake, Mary Jane, got her butt kicked by a mouse once. I took the mouse out and let it go beause it only seemed fair. If those two were in the wild, the cute little mouse would have won and Mary Jane would have been screwed. I gave her another mouse shortly after. That mouse wasn't so intense, and MJ had zero problems.
Some mice are jus insistent on keeping their lives
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