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Radiation Therapy Cures Chicken of Cancer

When Eve the chicken got cancer, her owner didn't warm up the oven and prepare her for dinner. Instead, they spent £1,400 on radiation therapy to cure her!

The couple, who are self-employed accountants, took her to the vets who told them that Eve had developed the disease in her remaining leg and the Denneys faced the heartbreaking prospect of having her put down.

So they decided to save her life - by paying for surgery to remove the growth, followed by a course of radiotherapy, at a total cost of £1,400.

Mrs Denney, 43, said: "Eve is a pet to us. It doesn't matter if she has four legs, two, or, in this case, one. She jumps around the garden and responds to her name just like a cat or dog.

"If we hadn't done anything, she would have had maybe two or three months to live and one of our options was to put her to sleep. But after a lot of soul-searching we decided to do what we could for her.


Oy vey. Is this really in the best interest of the animal? I believe in helping keep the animal comfortable in time of sickness but frickin radiation?? They're lucky it didn't fry his little drumstick right off!
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Thankfully we live in a cancer erradicated world, a fruitfull beyond our wildest imaginings economy which allows this once coveted facility by millons of suffering humans to be offered without remorse to a one in kind, almost extinct bird.
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A pet is a pet. If the solution still allows for the pet to have a happy and fulfilling life (the definition of which, we'll leave to another debate - assume the best for the moment) then why should we have a problem with this?

I'm actually surprised at how cheap it was. Many people have a set limit for how much they are willing to pay to heal a pet. (Mine is limited to 1k for instance)

This shouldn't be such a huge stretch for people. I bonded with a dog, that woman bonded with a chicken. Others bond with rats, cats or fish.

I'm with Doj on this - the more interesting question here is weather or not a cancerous chicken is edible or not.
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Now, here's an ethical dilemma. Whether it's worse to eat pet chicken, cancerous pet chicken or irradiated cancerous pet chicken.

Mmmmm, chicken. What was the question again?
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Absurd. So many people dying of cancer... whatever. My brother-in-law's parents owned a dairy farm. Whenever they had a female calf, they named it after women they knew. When they had a male calf, they wouldn't name it after any men they knew, because that calf was going to be burgers.
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@DOJ/Christophe: You get full, hopefully.

Seriously, eating a cooked tumor is not going to do anything to you. Think about it, any dead animal cells you eat do not replicate inside your body.

Death effectively cures cancer.
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These people are idiots.

I recognise that this is a pretty unsophisticated argument.

But it is still bang on accurate.

They are idiots.
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i'll save my usual rant about humans in need. i'll simply say that it seems that a lot of people have very different priorities than i do, and those priorities do not include THE COMMON GOOD or their FELLOW MAN.
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