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Homer Simpson Tries to Vote for Obama ...

What happened when Homer Simpson tried to vote for Obama in the 2008 US Presidential Election? Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

(Go away trolls, it's just a funny clip, mmkay?)

We can always dream.

And no MANTICORE nothing like that happened in Ohio. Quit with the lies and distortions. So many liars so little time.
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Wow David- what a stretch...nothing there.

" The votes were recovered – many hours later, in most cases – thanks to the extraordinary efforts of county board of elections staff."


You lunatics are something with your lies and inuendo.
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(Go away trolls, it’s just a funny clip, mmkay?)

^ Dear Trolls: Some of you guys don't read very well, or need to learn to follow directions. Hilarious clip, thanks for posting!
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Considering what ACORN (I believe, could be wrong...) is doing in Ohio, I don't think people in Ohio should be paranoid about the machines. From what I understand, homeless people are being rounded up and taken into town to vote. The problem with this is that they can register and vote all in one go. And when/if their registrations are rescinded later on once they have been examined, their is no way to go back to remove the votes they cast because Ohio refuses to stop the all in one go voting or keep these particular votes separated so that they can be removed later on.

THAT is not cool. And certainly allows a lot more cheating than any of these stories you hear about the machines.
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Oh, for heaven's sake, Evil was just making a funny comment at this "just a funny clip". If people can't handle his poking fun at the whole thing, then this "just a funny clip" should never have been posted.

Obviously, some folks can dish it out, but can't take it. I thought it was midly humorous, but Simpsons aren't exactly top-notch any more. Looks like this one'll be on this year's Halloween show.
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Hey gang!

Guess who I'm voting for?!

Do you think they'll reanimate McCain's frozen corpse a little bit earlier on election day so he can have an extra hour or so before the polls close to tell people that he's a maverick and that Sarah Palin is the most qualified person in the country for the VP slot?

Country First!

You betcha!
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Dianne wrote
October 3rd, 2008 at 1:46 pm
"Oh Homie - let’s hope that was only a bad, bad dream. Homie for Prez/Spongebob for VP"

betty boop for prez/mickey mouse for VP
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Yes I read the link I posted, and I posted it as a reference as to what happened in Ohio so people could read it. The very fact that an electronic voting machine lost votes that needed to be recovered is serious cause for alarm. Whether the votes were for a particular candidate is irrelevant.

You need to simmer down there, fella, and think "what if the shoe was on the other foot". What if during this election there were discrepancies which caused McCain to lose? I think you'd be pretty upset, even more so than you seem to be now.
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What's wrong with sticking an X on a piece of paper? all the nonsense with swinging and hanging chads etc meant you Americans have already had the wrong president.

Who thinks the election may be cancelled due to 'the economic crisis'? ;)
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that was hilarious! i still love the simpsons, even if it has fallen a little ways through the cracks of comedy. i mean, matt groening has been at it for what, fourteen years now? i say 'kudos' for being able to stick with one show for so long. and considering the competition the show now faces (family guy, everything on adult swim, american dad, south park, etc), i have to say the jokes are still rolling pretty well by themselves. no political commentary on my part... it isn't worth talking about anymore.
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It's odd hwo those that slam The Simpsons seem to be people who never watch it. Several episodes duroing last years season rivalled the supposed heyday in cleverness, intelligence and just plain fun. The one with Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman, Dan Clowes and Jack Black was especially nice. Yes, the Mike Scully years were pretty dreadful (season 9-12) and it took a few years for Al Jean to turn the ship around, but as far as I'm concerned, apart from a few bum episodes here and there, The Simpsons is a good as it ever has been, sometimes better.

Also, the above clip would be a bit funnier if electronic voting isn't open to massive fraud and no democratic Western nation should allow that kind of insecure system to decide who wins an election.
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If anyone is still a fan of the Simpsons I would heartily recommend the Simpsons Video Game on PS3, Xbox or Wii. It's the funniest game I've ever played.
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