Rubik Mirror Blocks

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A quirky take on the always frustrating Rubik's Cube, the Rubik Mirror Block seems to up the ante by not only making the shapes of the blocks of different sizes and shapes it also doesn't (obviously) have any color to help guide you to the solution. Watching the video I could just feel my blood pressure rise as he began to turn the blocks about. It also doesn't help watching the way he was using that knife of his to open the box...a little too careless in my opinion.

More info on the toy - Link from Technabob.

via - Gizmodo

*Update - Some of you folks who may be interested in buying one may have to wait for a release date for North America (and perhaps Worldwide) as the product is only being sold in Japan. However, according to Technabob the designer, Hidetoshi Takeji was seen taking international orders from this forum

Also, Ebay seems to have a few of them for sale as well. One of them from here is going for $29.99 - [Link].

I solved one, once. Took me several weeks of steadily working at it. Then I bought a book that told he how to do it. I got down to about 2 minutes.

Egads! What's with that knife? Keep that boy out of the kitchen.
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Is it just me or is that exactly what you use a knife for? I don't get the weird responses to the fact that he uses a knife to open this box? This kind of stuff is ALWAYS packed in such an annoying way. Compared to how I would have gone about it I'd say he's very very easy on the knife. I would have torn that silly box to shreds ... but thats just me.
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I agree with snarf, he used the knife rather carefully, just to cut the pieces of tape on the top of the box. He wasn't slicing the entire box apart with it, although it did look like it at times.

That cube is ridiculous, I don't even know how I'd begin to start solving it. You can't distinguish between pieces from two different faces while it's mixed up.
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The bit about the knife wasn't when he was cutting; rather, it was the way he held it in his hand when he was trying to open the box. Ideally he should have put it down on the desk.
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I bought one at but it was $35 plus $10 S&H. It was worth it, though. Awesome puzzle. also has the very important Gun O'Clock, an alarm clock you shoot. Instant awesome.
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