Neatorama Mystery Sale Update

A short while ago, Neatorama had its first ever Mystery Sale - it was a big hit, which also meant that we spent the last week packing orders! A really big thanks to everyone who bought a Mystery Box.

Waves of shipments have gone out - the last of which was yesterday. If you ordered one, then you should be receiving it shortly. Those of you who live outside the US may have to wait a little while longer, since customs usually take their sweet time clearing shipments.

Though this sale was over, you can still get great t-shirts on Neatorama's Online Store. Thanks everyone!

That isn't an iTouch! That's a Ipod Touch.

Did you mean the Logitech iTouch keyboard or the Pasen iTouch media player which is white and not really easily confused with this one?
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I got a tshirt, which was kind of a bummer. I was hoping for something cooler. Since it's a women's shirt, and it's really thin and kinda cheapy feeling.
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Women's fit is actually a Bella Shirt, which is a pretty high quality t-shirt. It's thinner than the regular t-shirt, but wholesale price it's actually a lot more expensive. :)

@Alice: we don't announce the mystery sale beforehand, so you've just got to be ready for it ...
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I bought two mystery boxes and used them as Christmas gifts for me and my husband. We were expecting at least a t-shirt or maybe stickers, but we got a kids plastic princess crown and a cheap ugly belt with a crown on it. As you can imagine it was a big wtf? for us. It felt like a total rip off.

I thought that the value of the content of the box had to be at least $9.95 (which is the cost of the mystery box) but I bet that the price of the crown and the belt together cost less than that. It didn't ruin our Christmas because luckily we had more presents but we were extremely disappointed. I don't think I will be buying a mystery box for Neatorama again.
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@gaby - your issue has to do with the November 2008 Mystery Sale, of which I responded here.

Though the tiaras and belts are actually quite expensive (worth $9.95 retail, believe me), I do acknowledge that they don't seem very Neatorama-ish to some of you. Got that - we will definitely learn from this experience to improve the next Mystery Sale.

Please note that positive or negative, your comments are listed here for everyone to read.
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Well, gaby, you're not the only one with a 'wtf' feeling. I looked forward to my Neatorama Mystery Sale, and now I feel ripped off in a major way. I didn't even get a tiara, which would have been amusing to give to a friend. No... I got 'Strawz'. Connectible Drinking Straws. Which you know, might be amusing if I was three. It looks cheap and the packing is cheap. I showed all my friends, and my family, and they are all in agreement with me - it looks like something that came from a dollar store. What a rip-off. Oh, and yeah, I know... it's worth $9.99 from ThinkGeek. And if anyone wants a set, they're 'available'. I wonder why.
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