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NIST’s conducts its nanosoccer competitions and demonstrations in conjunction with RoboCup, an international organization dedicated to using the game of soccer as a testing ground for the robotics technologies of the future. NIST’s goal in coordinating competitions between the world’s smallest robots—known as nanobots (nanoscale robots)—is to show the feasibility and accessibility of technologies for fabricating MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS), tiny mechanical devices built onto semiconductor chips and measured in micrometers (millionth of a meter).

Looks like a lot of fun to me! Read more at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). -via the Presurfer, who is celebrating eight years online today!

Yeah, there's no soccer at all. I mean, it's a great video, but talking about soccer when there's not sounds too much like a cheap way to attract people to watch it.
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Or maybe the name 'Nanosoccer' sounded better than
"nanorobots smaller than a grain of rice programmed to move around"

One of them does move a tiny ball around at one point
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I don't even know if it should be called "nano". If we're talking human hair, that's 4 orders of magnitude larger... firmly in the "micro" scale. But again, nano gets the attention.
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